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Local Group Gothenburg
How to get here
It's easy to get to Gothenburg from the whole world and from within Sweden. Gothenburg has two airports, one main train station and several boat terminals.

Gothenburg has two airports. Landvetter (GOT) hosts the Star Alliance lines with a wide range of destinations while Gothenburg City Airport (GSE) serves the low price lines such as Ryanair and Wizzair. There are bus transfers available into the city from both airports. Both airports are situated about 20 minutes with car from the city, and to get there you will have to go with a transfer bus. The company that operates the transfer buses is Flygbussarna and their tickets can be bought at the airports.

You can also get here by boat from Denmark, Germany or Poland with Stena Line.

For train to Gothenburg, please visit DB which handles most train stations throughout Europe, or the Swedens largest train operator SJ. The train station is situated in the centre of Gothenburg which provides easy transfer by tram or bus.
Insurance and Visa
Visa for traveling to Sweden is not needed if you're a citizen of a Schengen member (please confirm with the Swedish Embassy in your country). If you live in a non-Schengen country, please contact the Swedish Embassy in your country for further information. The need of a visa depends on how long you're gonna stay and the purpose of your visit (work, leisure or studies).
Renting (long term)
Accommodation in Gothenburg can be found at Boplats Göteborg, which is the biggest and official housing agent in Gothenburg, and at SGS Studentbostäder that is a dedicated agent for students. In addition to this, there are several unlisted companies and persons renting rooms and apartments. One of the biggest service for finding private rooms and apartments to rent is Andrahand.se.
Göteborgs Vandrarhem
Slottsskogens vandrarhem
Spoton Hostel
In case you're interested in being hosted by someone from the Local Group, please check the information on the ESTIEM Hosting Platform or contact the Local Responsible through lr.gothenburg@estiem.org or hosting.gothenburg@estiem.org
Public Transportation
The company that operates all the public transportation, which includes buses, trams and some boats and trains, within Gothenburg and throughout the region is Västtrafik. The most comprehensive way of using their services is to buy a period card, which is 330 SEK for a month, and 900 for three.
Private Transportation
Uber or normal taxi cab if going by car. The IEM section also has a car that students can rent. There’s also a bike service called Styr och Ställ, where you can get a bike at one station and leave it at another, with plenty of them available throughout the city.
Touristic spots
Visit www.goteborg.com/en/ for good tips.
The student union and their sub organisations organises big and small parties all year around. Everything from Sweden's biggest indoor party to various small pubs are held during the semester. In addition to this, there are many clubs, restaurants and events in the city just a short walk from Chalmers. The prices in the city varies a lot, but most beers costs about 50 SEK, and a drink about 100 SEK. The entrance fees varies as well from free to 150 SEK, but most nightclubs are about 100 SEK while most pubs are free. At Chalmers, most beers and ciders are at about 20-25 SEK. The bigger parties cost about 100 SEK per ticket while the smaller ones could be everything from free to 100 SEK.
Student Festivals & Parties
Freshmen period (four weeks in August and September)
Chalmerscortègen (end of April)
Lunch is about 100 SEK and dinner about 200 SEK in a normal restaurant in the city. At the university there are cheaper options available, for example a lunchbox for 41 SEK, a baguette for around 30 SEK or a meal in the student dining hall for about 70 SEK. Many students choose to instead bring food from home and heat later, as there are many microwaves available in the campus buildings.

The state has monopoly when it comes to selling alcohol (aside from bars), which can only be bought at a specific licensed liquor store, called Systembolaget. They can be found in several places around the city. The price of a beer is around 10-20 SEK, while in a bar or pub you will probably be charged somewhere between 40-80 SEK.
Swedish Krona (SEK)
Mobile Phone
Mobile phone subscriptions can be bought at basically any electronics store for a relatively low price (usually somewhere between 200-300 SEK/month). Calls made within the country cost barely anything, but international calls can be very expensive and should probably only be made while connected to Wi-Fi.