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Chalmers University of Technology

Students > 60 000
Exchange students  
IEM students ~ 500
Autumn Semester September - December
Application deadline April 15th
Spring Semester January - May
Application deadline October 15th
Tuition Fee free (EU/EEA)
Website www.chalmers.se

Gothenburg is the city in Sweden that has the most students. The biggest universities in Gothenburg is Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers tekniska högskola in Swedish, mostly just named Chalmers) and University of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Universitet in Swedish, mostly just named GU). In addition to these two there are several smaller schools for higher education.

Chalmers is a university that was founded 1882 using funds that William Chalmers, who was an important and successful merchant and freemason within the Swedish East India Company, had dedicated before his death. Today Chalmers in funded by the companies owned by the school, and sponsorships from different companies.

Chalmers University of Technology has a wide range of programmes focusing on research and education within technology, natural science and architecture. Together with KTH in Stockholm it is regarded as Sweden's most distinguished technical universities. The total number of students is aproximately 11000 from which around 500 belong to the department of Technology Management and Economics (TME). All specific information can be found at Chalmers Official Website. Chalmers does as well have several exchange programs except from the most known such as the Erasmus programme. Ask your local study advisor to see if your university has an exchange with Chalmers.

Study Information

Main entrance of Chalmers


All applications for studies in Sweden are done online: Register at Studera.nu, and go to application to apply. Remember to apply before the 15th of April for the next autumn semester, and the 15th of October for the spring term. The applications with the highest grades will be accepted, and those that are granted a place. Your national grades will be recalculated to fit the grades used at Chalmers, or the the school that you're applying for, since different universities in Sweden have slightly different grade systems.

General information about the application at Chalmers can be found at Chalmers masters programme site. Make sure to double check all the dates at Studera.nu since late applications will get lower priority and only reviewed if there are open places after the application period. Another reason for applying on time is to make sure you have all the documents needed (those documents will be stated when you apply) approved before the applications gets accepted.


All master programmes are 2 years and tought in English. Chalmers University

The TME department provides 4 different Master programmes.

- Business Design - BD

- Management and Economics of Innovation - MEI

- Qualtity and Operations Management - QOM

- Supply Chain Management - SCM

Quality of Education

Gothenburg Opera

According to the International Professional Ranking of Higher Education Institutions, which shows the amount of alumnis working as a CEO at a Fortune 500 Company, Chalmers is ranked 42nd in the world, and 1st in Sweden. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities in Engineering and Technology 2010, Chalmers was ranked at a 52nd place.

Study Practicalities

Chalmers University of Technology is divided into two separated campuses, Johannesberg and Lindholmen. The TME department is located at the Johannesberg Campus which is also the bigger one. Here you can find all the major programs, the student union house and a lot of lecture halls, computer rooms and group rooms that all students can access. English is the teaching language in all masterprograms. University education in Sweden is free of charge for everybody until autumn 2011, and after this most likely only for students from within the European Union.

Practical Information

How to get there

It's easy to get to Gothenburg from the whole world and from within Sweden. Gothenburg has two airports, one main train station and several boat terminals.


Gothenburg has two airports. Landvetter (GOT) hosts the Star Alliance lines with a wide range of destinations while Gothenburg City Airport (GSE) serves the low price lines such as Ryanair and Wizzair. There are bus transfers available into the city from both airports. Both airports are situated about 20 minutes with car from the city, and to get there you will have to go with a transfer bus. The company that operates the transfer buses is Flygbussarna and their tickets can be bought at the airports.


Gothenburg harbor

You can also get here by boat from Denmark, Germany or Poland with Stena Line.


For train to Gothenburg, please visit DB which handles most train stations throughout Europe, or the Swedens largest train operator SJ. The train station is situated in the centre of Gothenburg which provides easy transfer by tram or bus.

Within Gothenburg

The company that operates all the public transportation, which includes busses, trams and some boats and trains, within Gothenburg and throughout the region is Västtrafik. The most comprehensive way of using their services is to buy a period card, which is 330 SEK for a month, and 900 for three.


Accommodation in Gothenburg can be found at Boplats Göteborg, which is the biggest and official housing agent in Gothenburg, and at SGS Studentbostäder that is a dedicated agent for students. In addition to this, there are several unlisted companies and persons renting rooms and apartments. One of the biggest service for finding private rooms and apartments to rent is Andrahand.se.

Important things


Visa for traveling to Sweden is not needed if you're a citizen of a Schengen member (please confirm with the Swedish Embassy in your country). If you live in a non-Schengen country, please contact the Swedish Embassy in your country for further information. The need of a visa depends on how long you're gonna stay and the purpose of your visit (work, leisure or studies).



The language spoken in Sweden is Swedish, which is spoken by a lot of people in Finland as well, and some in the Baltic countries such as Estonia. It's quite similar to Norwegian and Danish, and has a lot in common with German and Dutch as an Germanic language.

Most people in Sweden, except the oldest generations, speak English as well. As an English speaking person, it is easy to get around in Sweden and to get understood.


Almost all shops, restaurants and services in Sweden accept credit cards. The most common used in Sweden are VISA and MasterCard. Some services also accept American Express, Diners and such, but those are more rare. There is also easy to get cash from any ATM or shop using a credit card.

Student Activities

Student Organisations

Chalmers is well known for all its student organisations. Except for all those on the IEM programme such as ESTIEM, the pub organisation and the sports organisation, Chalmers student union holds all from diving and balloon flying organisations to photo and robotics organisations. In total there are hundreds of organisations, some of whom are free to join at any time while others needs to be applied for.


Gothenburg at night

The student union and their sub organisations organises big and small parties all year around. Everything from Sweden's biggest indoor party to various small pubs are held during the semester. In addition to this, there are many clubs, restaurants and events in the city just a short walk from Chalmers. The prices in the city varies a lot, but most beers costs about 50 SEK, and a drink about 100 SEK. The entrance fees varies as well from free to 150 SEK, but most nightclubs are about 100 SEK while most pubs are free. At Chalmers, most beers and ciders are at about 20-25 SEK. The bigger parties cost about 100 SEK per ticket while the smaller ones could be everything from free to 100 SEK.


It is possible to exercise most sport activities at Chalmers. The student union has their own ice hockey team and handball team in the Swedish national league, and there are several gyms near the school which hosts different kinds of sports and activities with student prices. The most popular gym is Fysiken which offers gym cards for about 200 SEK/month depending on the type of card.

Chalmers Student Union has one sports hall and one small swimming pool which is free to use, and were activities are held almost every day.


Study information

You can find all then information about the application, including important dates, contact persons, tuition fees etc. here.

Practical Information

The ESTIEM Local Group Gothenburg can help you with more practical information. Send a mail to estiem@itek.chalmers.se with your question.


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