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European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management

ESTIEM – European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management – is the only European association of students of IEM, nowadays involving approximately 5000 participating students from 74 universities in 28 European countries. In 2009 – during a dinner with professors from the University of Cambridge – the idea was born to develop a network of European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management, nowadays called EPIEM.

In June 2010, a first meeting was hosted by the University of Cambridge, during which the goal and aim of the network have been discussed and actions for further development have been defined. The mission of EPIEM is to provide a platform for professors and assistant professors from all around Europe to engage in discussions and idea sharing on what IEM education should look like and how to educate the leaders of tomorrow and to facilitate networking among universities in order to ease the establishment of exchange programmes. In November 2010, another meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland where first action points and ideas were further developed. Taking place parallel to ESTIEM’s bi-annual Council Meeting, the conference in Helsinki provided a unique opportunity to engage in discussion with approximately 200 students from IEM programmes all around Europe, among them top-universities in IEM. In April 2011 the next meeting followed in Karlsruhe, Germany, again at the same time as ESTIEM’s Council Meeting. 

If you are interested in contributing further to the development of the European Professors of Industrial Engineering and Management or if you are looking for more information about it, please get in contact with the current Vice President of Education (vp-education@estiem.org), who is a member of the current Board of ESTIEM.