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University of the Aegean

Students 1 800
Exchange students 2
IEM students 400
Autumn Semester October - January
Application deadline September 20th
Spring Semester February - May
Application deadline January 20th
Tuition Fee free
Website www.aegean.gr

Study Information

The University of the Aegean is an international research oriented university which was officially founded in 1984. It is an inspiring, innovative, socially committed institution situated in the Aegean Archipelago, the ancient cradle of knowledge. It embodies the concept of a 'university- network', a network of schools and departments, dispersed over six islands of the Aegean Archipelago: Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Limnos and Syros.


First-year students sign up at the university secretariats a few days after the results have been announced by the Ministry of Education and during the dates the ministry sets. The secretariats are the most important study support services. There, every piece of information concerning your studies can be found. Courses are all in Greek. In the future, you will be choosing your courses through them. You have the right to either sign up on your own or by authorizing another person in signed papers. Paperwork needed.

If you are planning to be an exchange student, you should contact your local Erasmus information centre to see if your university cooperates with the Aegean University. They will help you with the paperwork needed.

(There is not tuition fee in Greek universities because they belong to the public sector.)


Department of Financial and Management Engineering has a five-year undergraduate curriculum, comprised of 55 obligatory courses(41 core courses, 7 compulsory track courses, 3 compulsory electives,4 general electives, and a diploma thesis) that are selected by a number of 94 courses available. The courses are taught in Greek. This integrated instructional approach equips students with a solid academic background that aims to provide students with strong foundations in engineering, management and finance. There is no tuition fee required.

Quality of Education

Chios town

The Aegean University is part of the higher educational system in Greece. It is recognized by all Greek public and private services-employers. The quality of education is considered very high according to European standards and in some occasions 5 year studies can be recognized as masters.

During a recent evaluation of the university by the European University Association, it was acknowledged that the university had an "impressive" research output. Multiple Research Centres, well-equipped laboratories, the high quality of Academic and Research Staff have contributed to significant results that the University of the Aegean has displayed in the domain of scientific research. Extending its research perspective, University of the Aegean was mandated to resolve local problems of scientific nature. To date, the University of the Aegean has significantly contributed to the solution of local problems, thus connecting the University's operation with the local societies of the islands on which every Department is located. The University partnership with other institutions, international research consortia and projects financed from European funds is constantly growing.

The University of the Aegean has organised and implemented 90 research laboratories with activities into the following research areas: Information and Communication Technologies, Agriculture, Nutrition, Energy, Transport, Shipping, Sustainable Development and Environment, Tourism, Culture, Education, Health, Financial, Economic and Social Sciences.

Study Practicalities

All studies are in Greek. You have to take Greek courses in your home country before applying for the Aegean University.


The campus of the University Unit of Chios is spread in different sites in the city of Chios. The student dormitories are situated 3 kilometres out of the city centre and offer accommodation to students from all three schools situated on the island of Chios.

Student ID

Lefkathia beach

On the day your registration you will receive from the Secretariat your Student ID which provides you with the rights:

  1. To get handing-over in the means of mass transport, cultural events/facilities and sports events/facilities
  2. To get free food at the student restaurant

Studies certificate

You can apply for a studies certificate at the school Secretariat with which you can claim discounts and special offers to certain services. Some important privileges that you have access to, by being a foreign studying in Greece is

  • benefit of rent (provided that you rent an apartment, not staying at the dormitories)
  • special students internet offer

Medical care

Students who have completed their registration normally have the right to adequate health care which includes:
a) Medical examination,
b) Hospital check up,
c) Pharmaceutical care,
d) Investigations,
e) Examinations at your home,
f) Baby deliveries,
g) Physiotherapy,
h) Dental Care,
i) Orthopaedic articles

After you register, then, and if you wish, you can get your individual healthcare book from the ‘Student Services’. What is required for this? A small photo, a certificate of removal from the institution your parents have insurance or a solemn declaration stating that you have no insurance. The book is updated every year by the Secretariat. Of course, if you prefer, you can keep the security provided by your family. In this case you should send the registration certificate you got from the Secretariat to the social insurance fund of your parents. If you lose the book, it can be replaced in two months.

IT services

When you subscribe to the university you are provided your own personal email address and hard disk space on the university server. Through your account you have access to lecture notes posted by the professors.

Academic books

Academic books are provided for free to all students for each course they attend. They can only choose one out of the list that is provided by the professor. It is best to contact the professor for further information on which book best suits the student's needs. All book applications are made electronically via eudoxus at the beginning of each semester on certain dates, that are announced by the secretariat and are visible online at the official Department of Financial and Management Engineering site

Student restaurant

Bottles of mastic drink of Chios

By registering to the Aegean University you can have two daily meals (monday-sunday) at the student restaurant for free, just by showing your student ID. Meals include lunch (12:00-15:00) and dinner (18:00-20:30). The student restaurant is available to the students throughout the year except the Christmas, Easter and summer break.

Academic calendar

The semester dates vary, roughly the autumn semester is October to January and the spring semester is from late February to May. Exam periods are during late January to mid February for the autumn semester, from late May to mid June for the spring semester and there is an exam period during September where you can repeat the lessons you failed.

Practical Information

How to get there

By plain from Athens

You can take a direct flight from Athens airport El. Venizelos, to Chios airport daily with Olympic Air,Aegean Air and Athens Airways. Chios airport is situated only 3km from the city centre. The flying duration is approximately 30-45 min.

By plain from Thessaloniki

You may take a flight (direct or not) from Thessaloniki's airport Makedonia, to Chios airport a few times per week with Olympic Air and seasonally with Astra Airlines. Chios airport is situated only 3km from the city centre.

By ship from Piraeus (Athens port)

The traditional way to reach Chios, since it is an island, is by ship. The island has a daily connection with the mainland by NEL Lines, Hellenic Seaways and ANEK Lines. The average travelling time is 6 to 8 hours.

To Athens/Piraeus

Athens is connected to most of the European cities by air or/and by rail (Greek railways). From Athens airport to Piraeus there is a direct bus line(X-96) or you may choose the underground (blue and green line). If you arrive by train, then you can choose either the underground or the shuttles to Syntagma Square (city centre).

From Cesme-Izmir (Turkey)

Just across Chios, in Turkish coast, there is the port of Cesme, only one hour away from Izmir. There is frequent connection between Cesme and Izmir by bus. There are two ferries in the route Chios-Cesme: Sunrise Tours and Erturk.


For long-term accommodation there are two choices, student dormitories offered by the university and private arrangements.

Student dormitories

The university dormitories are offered for free but they have limited capacity. The priority is mainly based on the family's income. They are situated 3km from the city centre. There are six buildings consisted of a total of 179 single rooms. Every room of 25sqm has a bed, a desk with drawers, a closet and WC with shower. All rooms are equipped with phones and internet access. In every building there is a kitchen, a dining room-living room. There are also washing machines and dryers for common use. If you choose to stay at the dormitories, you have to consider the time and the means of transportation.

Private arrangements

Regarding private arrangements, it is preferable to start by looking through the local news papers, real estates (48 hours, My Greek Property,Fragkos), and rental announcements posted in several spots of the university buildings or spread all over the city. In Chios you will easily find a room, studio or small apartment for rental, with or without furniture; it will take you a couple days. The rent of a studio or small apartment varies from 150€ to 350€ per month depending on how close it is to the city of Chios.

Important Things

Visa - Residency permit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the authority for the visas and residency permits. In general all European Union citizens, and not only, have free pass to Greece. For more general and specific information about these complicated matters it is better to check the official site.


The university provides to its students health and medical insurance. Students can choose to be treated at the Hospital Of Chios that provides a full range of medical services. The hospital has a surgical sector that includes orthopediatrics, urology, otorhinolaryngology , ophthalmology and gynecology. It also has a pathological sector that includes cardiology and neurology. The hospital is located 2 km north of Chios, on the St. Helenas Venizelou 2, it is most known as the Skilitsio Hospital.


Living costs

The living cost in Chios is not high. Of course it depends on life style. If you have a privet arrangement you will probably pay 150-350 Euros per month. You also have to consider the nutrition cost, about 4-10€ for a full course, 2,50-4,00€ for a coffee, 6,00€ for a drink and beer starts from 3,00€. Roughly an average student in Chios spends 700€ per month.


On the island of Chios, there are only buses as a mean of public transportation. They are divided into two types. The first connects the centre of the city with the outskirts, the students-ticket costs 0,60€. The second type connects the city with almost all the villages of the island, and the ticket cost from 1,40€ to 4,80€ depending on the destination.

In addition, provided you stay at the dormitories you should consider that public buses need about 15 minutes to cover the distance of 3km to the city centre, they pass approximately every hour and stop early at the afternoon. Calling a taxi is another option, as the most common routes cost 3.50-5.00€. Most of the time students that stay in the dorms hitch-hike, it is safe due to local hospitality and low crime rates.


Most of the shops in Chios are located at the capital of the island (Str Aplotaria) and they spread though out the tourist resorts.

Apart from the classic shops selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, books, etc… some shops are possessing their own local products of Chios such as the famous mastic (called “masticha”) which can be found in its natural crystallized form or in that of a chewing gum, sweets or brandy. The Women’s Association of Chios are running various folk art shops selling fine ceramics, embroideries, handmaid clothes and woven multicoloured fabrics with traditional designs. Souvenirs shops and shops selling equipment for the beach can be found in the capital and in the tourist resorts.

Bank account

In Chios you can find all the leading banks of Greece. These are the National Bank of Greece, the Piraeus Bank, Marfin Egnatia Bank, the Hellenic Postbank, and the Eurobank. Each bank offers specific privileges to the students in Greece. For instance, the National Bank of Greece offers a student account that allocates a higher interest and a 500 Euros overdraft option that is interest-free for four years.


The three major companies that are activated in Greece are COSMOTE, Vodafone and Wind. A prepaid card can be purchased from mini markets or periptera (Greek word for very small stores). In contrast, SIM cards can be obtained only from the brand’s stores and is required passport for foreigners or ID for EU citizens.

Student Activities

Student Organisations


"MyAegean" is a student initiative, originated in 2002 when a group of students from the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering, in Syros created a network portal for the whole of the Aegean University community. It has come to act as a springboard for collaboration and exchange of ideas. It acts (in a first level) as a human-based intra-network among the 5 islands where the Faculties are situated. The effort is to make strong relations and connections between the local student teams as well as the rest of the university stuff and local citizens on the islands. People try to develop events, to communicate and collaborate on two different ways: both locally (on every department-university unit/ island) and globally (as part of the entire University). There are 5 local groups being developed: Syros, Lesvos, Samos, Chios and Rhodes.


The Department of Financial and Management Engineering first dealt with ESTIEM in 2007, and we are full members since the spring of 2009. Local Group Chios has a board consisted of 5 members, the Local Responsible (President), the Vice President of finance, the Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing, the Vice of Internet Applications & Internal Communication and the Secretary. It was founded in 2009 and it now counts 20 active members. The board's main goal is to attract more students, keep the members active and provide them more knowledge on the object of their studies.


The local committee of AIESEC at the University of the Aegean, founded in 1994, offers to its members the opportunity to involve in current social and business issues. All these issues are young people passion of our time and they have immediate effect at the social environment. AIESECers can get informed about these issues, as well inform others, through the participation or the coordination of events based completely on them.

Student association

Each department has its own student association. When students subscribe to the university, they become simultaneously members of the association of their department. The student associations deal with main student’s issues; such as, the status of the education, the situation of the university establishments, the organisation of educational, academic and cultural events, future working conditions etc. Each board is elected every year by all the students of the department.


The students are the "life" in the Nightlife in Chios, thus most of the options available are perfectly suitable to them. From launch sea-side bars to trendy-vibes till morning, Chios offers a wide range of choices. Drinking is not expensive, since an ordinary beer costs around three Euros whereas a plain drink six Euros. Some of the most crowded bars in the city centre are Barcode, Metropolis, Reina and Satva. Of course there are not only bars in the capital of the island but also in places like Karfas or Komi that are located on the outskirts of Chios and are perfect for a summer night-out. There is also the option to spend traditional Greek evening, by visiting a tavern with live music, where you can listen to traditional Greek music called rembetiko. Even though that is a more expensive option (8-15 Euros per person, depending on how much one drinks) all in all nightlife in Chios is rather inexpensive.

Chios Museums, Galleries and Koraes Library

Archaeological Museum of Chios

It is located at Museiou Str., about 100m southern of the port. The museum contains collections of prehistoric and archaic findings from excavations of the British School in Emborios, Neolithic findings of the British excavations in Aghio Galas, Archaic and Classical findings from the British excavations in Fana and various findings from the salvage excavations conducted by the 20th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

Koraes Library

The Koraes Library is one of the biggest libraries in Greece. Founded in 1792, it was originally an annex to the Great School of Chios. The latter currently houses the 1st Middle School of Chios. The library’s first collection was built around the books that belonged to Koraes and his friends, namely Greek intellectuals from abroad.

Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum in Chios is contained within the 19th Century Ottoman mosque which is located in the central town square. This museum has been in operation since 1980 and contains items that were donated from collections as well as findings discovered in local excavations. The dates of the items on display range from the Early Christian period to the post-Byzantine period (5th – 18th century).

Chios Maritime Museum

The Chios Maritime Museum is the realisation of a dream by its founders – all being among those who make up the Maritime wonder of Chios. It was their wish to establish a residence – museum in one of the largest shipping centres, the island of Chios, which would represent the contemporary Greek maritime spirit. The Chios Maritime Museum is located in the centre of the city, housed in a mansion belonging to the late Anastassios and Marouko Pateras.

Nea Moni

The Nea Moni is located in Nea Moni monastery in the middle of the island, among Karyes and Avgonima village. Nea Moni is the most famous sample of medieval monasterial architecture in the whole Aegean islands.

Chios Castle

To the north of the modern city centre, near the harbour, lays the Castle of Chios. This fortress was built in the Byzantine times around the 9th century and then repaired after the wars during the Genoa occupation in the 15th century

Public Art Gallery

The Public Art Gallery of Chios is an exemplary exhibition hall for a regional town like Chios, and it has been a pole of attraction for the visual arts, not only for the island but for the whole of Greece. Besides assessing the exhibitions, which are organised in their hall, it contributes to the preservation and spread of traditional works of art as well as other forms of Greek culture.



The basketball team is part of the Athletic Association of the University of Aegean in Chios and was established in 2000. It has taken part in four tournaments of the Aegean University and two local leagues in local second category. It participates, three years now, in the local first category league in Chios. Our basketball team is the only university basketball team recognized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation. In the team, anyone who attends the University of the Aegean in Chios can participate.


The football team, like the basketball team, is part of the Athletic Association of the Aegean University in Chios. It is created in 2001 and has won two championships in Class B’ league in Chios. It also discerned as first champion team in the Cultural Events of the Aegean University in 2003. Our team is the only university group recognized by the Hellenic Football Federation. Participation is open to those who attend the University of the Aegean in Chios.


In Chios, where polo is a "tradition", it would be ironic for the University not to have its own team. The polo team of the University has participated twice in the final phase of the University Championships in Greece, including Crete in 2002 where it won the 3rd position.


If you like swimming, National Natatorium of Chios is at your disposal, at certain times in a week. Since 2000 training sessions have begun. Participation is free for the students of the University of the Aegean.


There are two sailing teams that offer lessons, AOA and NOX. The cost for three months of theoretical and practical lesson is about 600 euro. After having the lessons, or if you already know how to sail, you can take part in excursions and races. These two teams also participate in international races at the Aegean sea, for example Aegean Regatta.


Study information

University of Aegean

Department of Financial and Management Engineering

Chios Administration

Address: Kountouriotou 41, 82100 Chios, GREECE E-mail: fme@aegean.gr, Tel.: 0030 - 22710 – 35430, Fax: 0030 - 22710 – 35499

Practical Information

For more practical information, don't hesitate to contact ESTIEM Local Group Chios at the e-mail: estiemchios@gmail.com and at the tel: 0030 – 6980 766 179


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