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RWTH Aachen University

Students > 43 000
Exchange students unknown
IEM students 3 300 (WS 10/11)
Autumn Semester October - March
Application deadline July 15
Spring Semester April - September
Application deadline January 15
Tuition Fee 244,75 € per semester (2016)
Website Aachen City
RWTH Aachen

Aachen (French and English: Aix-la-Chapelle, Latin Aquisgranum, Dutch: Aken) is a historic spa city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It was a favoured residence of Charlemagne, and the place of coronation of the Kings of Germany. It is the westernmost city of Germany, located along its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, 65 km west of Cologne.

Study Information


All information regarding the application can be found at RWTH International Office.


A comprehensive list of all study courses available at RWTH Aachen can be found at the RWTH Aachen CAMPUS website.

In Aachen, there is no faculty for IEM students. IEM studies consist of courses in Business Administration (these are equal for all IEM students) and courses in the technical field of studies. The following fields of studies are available for IEMs (English - German):

  • Civil Engineering - Bauingenieurwesen
  • Electrical Engineering - Elektrische Energietechnik
  • Mechanical Engineering - Maschinenbau
  • Material Engineering and Process Technology - Werkstoff- und Prozesstechnik

RWTH Aachen main building

Except from some special courses, lectures are usually in German. It might be possible to take exams in English.

Quality of Education

RWTH Aachen has a very good reputation regarding technical and engineering related studies. The university is a member of the IDEA League, a partnership of five leading European universities in technology and science. In the last years, RWTH Aachen received the highest amount of grants from third-party donors compared to other German university. RWTH Aachen is part of Germanys Excellence Initiative.

Study Practicalities


RWTH Aachen is no campus university. Instead, its buildings are spread over some parts of the city. There are two core areas (midtown and Melaten district), though they are not very distinct. The Main Building and the Kármán-Auditorium are 500 m away from the city centre with the Aachen Cathedral. The Audimax (biggest lecture hall) and the main refectory are 200 m farther away. Other points of interest include the university's botanical garden (Botanischer Garten Aachen).

Especially in the centre, all location can easily be reached by foot. Additionally there is a good bus network. Of course you can also use your bike, but Aachen is quity hilly.

The university is currently expanding in the city centre and Melaten district. The SuperC, the new central service building for students, was opened in 2008. The groundbreaking for the new Campus-Melaten was in 2009.

RWTH Aachen has external facilities in Jülich and Essen and owns - together with the University of Stuttgart - a house in Kleinwalsertal in the Austrian Alps.


The Language Centre at RWTH Aachen University offers German language courses (as well as other languages). Additional information can be found at the RWTH International Office (German Language Courses).

Practical Information

How to get there

Aachen main station

By Plane

There are several airports around Aachen:

  • Maastricht Aachen Airport (NL) - about 40 km from Aachen, reachable by public transport or shuttle bus (AirportXpress)
  • Liège Airport (B) - about 60 km from Aachen, reachable by public transport
  • Airport Cologne-Bonn - about 85 km from Aachen, reachable by train (about 1:20 h to Aachen HBF)
  • Airport Düsseldorf - about 90 km from Aachen, reachable by train (about 1:30 h to Aachen HBF)
  • Airport Eindhoven (NL) - about 110 km from Aachen, reachable by public transport
  • Airport Weeze (Ryanair) - about 140 km from Aachen, reachable by train (there is a shuttle bus from the airport to Weeze or Kevelaer)

By Train

Aachen has four train stations: Aachen HBF (main station), Aachen West, Aachen Schanz and Aachen Rothe Erde. Schedules and ticket infos can be found at Deutsche Bahn.

Additional information

Additional information on how to find your way to Aachen and the International Office (Getting to RWTH Aachen University) is available at their website.


Audimax lecture room

As an IEM student, you will have most of your courses around Main Building, Kármán-Auditorium and Audimax (other locations depend on your field of studies). Most party locations are near Pontstraße. There is a good bus network, but there are hardly any buses after 23:30 h. You might want to consider this when looking for your accomodation.

Student dormitories

A list with all dorms can be found here (inlcuding costs). This map gives you a good overview of their locations.

Private arrangements

Private rooms and flat shares are also available. Flat shares are common and places in flat shares may be easier to find if you are not going to stay long. Private rooms and flat shares are usually advertised at bill-boards in the university or on websites like WG-Gesucht.de and campuslife. You might also contact the LR, maybe he has some good hint for you.

Important Things

Among others, you will find information regarding registration, accomodation, visa, residence permits and insurance at the RWTH International Office.


Aachen at night

Living costs

Compared to other German cities, accommodation is not very expensive in Aachen. You will find a room for about 160 to 280 € (per month), depending on what you are looking for and a little bit luck. Meals in the refectory are available for 1.80 to 3.90 €. Expenses for food etc. usually will not exceed 150 € (per month).

Entrance fees for parties will usually be between 0 and 6 €. Beer costs between 1,80 and 3.00 €, Cocktails between 3.50 and 8.00 €.


As a student at RWTH Aachen, you get a semester ticket. This includes free usage of bus networks and regional trains in Aachen as well as in whole North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bank accounts

Information about bank accounts is available at the International Office. Fees will be between 0 and 5 € per month.

Student Activities

Student Organisations

There are various student organisaitons; most of them are organized in an organization called AcHsO. The following list gives an overview of the more exchange student related ones:



Most Nightlife in Aachen takes place in the Pontstraße. Lots of bars, clubs and restaurants are located there. The website campuslife lists many special parties and other events.


A general description of sports programs at RWTH Aachen can be found here. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Hochschulsport (German).


Things that do not fit under any place. Try to put as little as possible here.

Further information can be found on these websites (part of International Office website):

Studying at RWTH Aachen University

Information for Exchange Students

Promotion Videos:

VWI ESTIEM Local Group Aachen - The BIG Picture (YouTube)

Aachen Emotion: Englisch (YouTube)


Study information

For detailed information please contact the International Office

International Office


Templergraben 57

Phone: +49 241 80-90663

Fax:+49 241 80-28544

Email: international@zhv.rwth-aachen.de

Practical Information

Just contact the LR of Local Group Aachen.


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