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Local Group Aachen
How to get here
By Plane

There are several airports around Aachen:

Maastricht Aachen Airport (NL) - about 40 km from Aachen, reachable by public transport or shuttle bus (AirportXpress)
Liège Airport (B) - about 60 km from Aachen, reachable by public transport
Airport Cologne-Bonn - about 85 km from Aachen, reachable by train (about 1:20 h to Aachen HBF)
Airport Düsseldorf - about 90 km from Aachen, reachable by train (about 1:30 h to Aachen HBF)
Airport Eindhoven (NL) - about 110 km from Aachen, reachable by public transport
Airport Weeze (Ryanair) - about 140 km from Aachen, reachable by train (there is a shuttle bus from the airport to Weeze or Kevelaer)

By Train

Aachen has four train stations: Aachen HBF (main station), Aachen West, Aachen Schanz and Aachen Rothe Erde. Schedules and ticket infos can be found at Deutsche Bahn.
Insurance and Visa

Registered students between the first and the fourteenth semester who do not have a degree and who are younger than 30 years may take out a student health insurance policy at a public insurance company; typically, special student tariffs are available. If the above criteria do not apply, you have to take out health insurance with a private insurance company. If you have taken out sufficient health insurance in your home country or a private insurance covering your stay in Germany, one of the public insurance providers can provide you with a written confirmation of exemption from taking out a German health insurance.In order to be exempt from German health insurance, you will have to fill in and submit form E111 – available for EU nationals – or provide similar evidence issued by the responsible body from your home country. IMPORTANT: Students attending the German language course or preparatory course at RWTH are not entitled to take out public health insurance although they are registered as students; they have to take out private health insurance.


Germany is part of the Schengen Area, therefore no Visa is required for other Schengen Area Citizens.
Students who are not Schengen Area Citizens, have to apply for a student visa in their home country (while they are already matriculated to a German university) before coming to Germany. If you are applying for a student visa, you must provide evidence of the purpose of your stay in Germany. The German representative offices abroad want as exact information as possible and want to know if you plan to study with the goal of acquiring an academic degree from a German university (including preparatory courses such as a German course) or if the stay is for a limited time as an exchange student or free mover.The visa application procedure may take two to three months from the day of submission of your visa application to the day that you actually receive the visa, provided that you have submitted all the necessar application documents to the Germany embassy or consulate in your country.
Renting (long term)
Student dormitories

A list with all dorms and the costs can be found here. This map gives you a good overview of their locations.

Private arrangements

Private rooms and flat shares are also available. Flat shares are common and places in flat shares may be easier to find if you are not going to stay long. Private rooms and flat shares are usually advertised at bill-boards in the university or on websites like WG-Gesucht.de and campuslife. You might also contact the LR, maybe he has some good hint for you.
There are a lot of Hotels in Aachen but just two Hostels the bigger one is the A&O which is located next to the main train station. The smaller and often cheaper one is the Backpacker Hostel near the train station Schanz.
In case you're interested in being hosted by someone from the Local Group, please check the information on the ESTIEM Hosting Platform or contact the Local Responsible through lr.Aachen@estiem.org or hosting.Aachen@estiem.org
Public Transportation
Especially in the centre, all location can easily be reached by foot. Additionally there is a good bus network  and you can use the regional trains. As a student at RWTH Aachen, you get a semester ticket. This includes free usage of bus networks and regional trains in Aachen as well as in whole North Rhine-Westphalia.
Private Transportation
All information about car sharing in Aachen you can find here and if you have a look on this website you will get an overview about the bike renting opportunites.
Touristic spots
When you are in Aachen you definitely should make a small city tour to see the dome and the city hall which are located in the middle of the city. Also there are a lot of small statues distributed in Aachen around the dome. To have a walk to the three countries point is also really recommandable. There are a lot of nice places to see just have a look on this website to get more information.
Most Nightlife in Aachen takes place in the Pontstraße. Lots of bars, clubs and restaurants are located there. The website campuslife lists many special parties and other events.
Student Festivals & Parties
In summertime the big dormitories have great open air partys with live music.
And near to Aachen takes the electronic festival called "Seltsames Verhalten" place.
If you want to taste typical food from Aachen you just have to go in a bakery and order some Printen as every bakery sells them, a small package might cost you around 3€.

If you want to have a real meal you could have one in the canteen for a price between 2,60€ and 4€ or you could go to the Pontstraße and have a meal for 5€ as almost every restaurant has special prices for students. A beer in a restaurant costs between 1,80€ and 4€

In the supermarket a large beer is between 0,70€ and 2€.
Since 2002, Germany is part of the Euro zone
Mobile Phone
Contracts are changing very frequently. That is why we recommend you to use a online portal to find the best contracts for your needs. But be careful that you only make a contract with you can cancel every month or just use prepaid. Prepaid SIM-Cards you can buy at most of the discounters in the city like ALDI or LIDL.
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
(RWTH Aachen University)
Website https://www.rwth-aachen.de/
Tuition Fee 252,41€ (same amount for every student)
Autumn semester
Application deadline July, 15th
Duration October - March
Spring semester
Application deadline January, 15th
Duration April - September
Campus Facilities
The most important places are in the central campus of Aachen, you can find the concrete places on this map.
All information regarding the application can be found at RWTH International Office.

A comprehensive list of all study courses available at RWTH Aachen can be found at the RWTH Aachen CAMPUS website.

In Aachen, there is no faculty for IEM students. IEM studies consist of courses in Business Administration (these are equal for all IEM students) and courses in the technical field of studies. The following fields of studies are available for IEMs (English - German):

Civil Engineering - Bauingenieurwesen
Electrical Engineering - Elektrische Energietechnik
Mechanical Engineering - Maschinenbau
Material Engineering and Process Technology - Werkstoff- und Prozesstechnik

Except from some special courses, lectures are usually in German. It might be possible to take exams in English.

Generally, it is quite rare that international students are awarded with a scholarship by a German funding institution. If you are participating in the German language course or the Preparatory Course for International Students - the so-called Studienkolleg -, you are typically not eligible for a scholarship. Usually, applicants who have not as yet obtained their preliminary diploma or passed the intermediate exam are also not taken into consideration. If you have passed the intermediate exam or received your preliminary diploma, however, you might want to apply for a scholarship. For scholarship opportunities of the various funding bodies, please take a look at this overview.
University contacts
International Office: 
+49 241 80 90660
IEM Department:
there is none
there is none
Local Group
To get in contact with ESTIEM Local Group Aachen, please contact our Local Responsible through the e-mail lr.aachen@estiem.org
Student Guide
If you find any broken links or wish to give feedback related to the Student Guide Pages, please contact pages.studentguide@estiem.org