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How to get here
As far as I know there are no special scholarships at the university avaiable.
Insurance and Visa

Health Insurance
For the right health insurance, I strongly recommend you to check the information of the international students office of KIT:
People who want to study in Germany should have health insurance. Holders of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) have insurance protection in Germany as well. If the insurance from the home country is not recognized, an additional insurance in Germany should be taken out. This costs about 70€ per month at a statutory health insurance fund. For a list of the health insurance funds in Karlsruhe click here (in German).
As a general rule, everyone must have insurance until the age of 30 (or until the 14th semester) to be enrolled. This means that you have to pay your health insurance contributions regularly, or you could be ex-matriculated.

Visa/residency permit
Students who are not nationals of an EU country have to apply for a student visa in their home country before coming to Germany. Before applying for the license you have to be matriculated to a German university.

IMPORTANT: A student visa is needed, not a tourist visa! For applying for the visa go to the German embassy in your home country.

Renting (long term)
The Studentenwerk Karlsruhe offers several, relatively cheap, dormitories in Karlsruhe. Usually there are much more applicants than free rooms, anyway there should be some rooms extra for exchange students. So just apply! Dormitories can be found here. As you are an international exchange student you can get additional help from the Office for International Affairs on this issue.

There are more dormitories which are managed privately, often by the church. Of course this doesn't mean that must have a specific religious denomination. See the overview over all dormitories.

The most usual way to live in Karlsruhe are shared flats. The mostly used web page to find these is wg-gesucht. The page is available in English and most students offer their rooms here. It is common that you physically visit and introduce yourself and then people will decide if you can move in our not. Sometimes a Skype interview with a video can also work so it is worth a try. You will need to be patient, but eventually everyone finds a nice place to stay. In comparison with other cities such as Munich living in Karlsruhe is cheap:

Dormitories: 200€ - 280€ per month
Shared flat: 250€ - 380€ per month
Single flat: 300€ - 500€ per month.
The biggest hostel in Karlsruhe is A&O which is located directly at the Karlsruhe train station. But of course there are some others, too. So, for finding a hostel just check hostelbookers.com or some other web pages.
In case you're interested in being hosted by someone from the Local Group, please check the information on the ESTIEM Hosting Platform or contact the Local Responsible through lr.karlsruhe@estiem.org or the local board through vorstand.karlsruhe@estiem.org .
Public Transportation
For public transportation check kvv.de (German version of the page recommended). A single drive through the city is 2,40€. A student ticket for 6 month is around 150€. If you register yourself in Karlsruhe you might get a coupon for a free student ticket.
Private Transportation
The most common way to get from one place to another in Karlsruhe is the bike. Used bikes can be bought for around 50€ or rented.

For transportation of big things small trucks can be rented at the university (only german).
Touristic spots
For tourisitc sports check the official page (https://www.karlsruhe-tourismus.de/en) of the city.
Karlsruhe has a couple of Clubs with lots of different styles of music. Most of the students go out for party on weekdays because clubs are cheaper.

During the semester (not in holidays) there are lots of student parties hosted by the university, the "Fachhochschule" (university of applied sciences) and some other colleges (e.g. for arts, music, …). Traditionally each faculty of the university hosts its own party each semester which leads to lots of parties, at least one or two each week. The best ones are of course Wiwiwi and Wiwiso (Winter and Summer Party of the Faculty of Economics) Also there are lots of flat parties ("WG-Party").

The some famous clubs in Karlsruhe are:

App Club

Overview about all clubs in Karlsruhe is here.
Student Festivals & Parties
At the beginning of each semester AK-Erasmus (comparable to ESN) offers the "O-Phase". When you come to Karlsruhe as an exchange student we recommend you to participate there. It is one week of getting to know the city, the people an party a lot.

As mentioned before the most important paries for IEM students are Wiwiwi in January and Wiwiso in June/July. When exactly it will take place you will find out when you are here.
For lunch you have the chance to have am meal in the canteen between 2,60 and 4€.

The restaurants with the best price-performance ratio are Oxford Café, Oxford Pub (both right next to the university and with a large beer from 2,20€) or Café Emaille in the city center.

In the supermarket a large beer is between 0,70 – 1,10€.
The official currency of Germany is the Euro (€)
Mobile Phone
Contracts are changing very frequently. That is why we recommend you to use a online portal to find the best contracts for your needs. But be careful that you only make a contract with you can cancel every month or just use prepaid. Prepaid SIM-Cards you can buy at most of the discounters in the city like ALDI or LIDL.
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Website www.kit.edu
Tuition Fee Exchange Students ~80€
Freemover ~140€
Non-EU students: 1500€
Autumn semester
Application deadline July, 15th
Duration October - March
Spring semester
Application deadline January, 15th
Duration April - September
Campus Facilities
In October 2009, the University of Karlsruhe (TH) and the Research Center of Karlsruhe merged to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The KIT now consists of four campuses: Campus South, Campus West, Campus East and Campus North.

Campus South comprises the former University of Karlsruhe (TH) and lies close to the northern border of the inner city of Karlsruhe on the eastern side of the palace. The multi-storey building of the Faculty of Physics with fourteen levels is the highest building of the campus and can be seen over a long distance. Campus South is the most important one for students. A big advantage of Karlsruhe Campus is that all the rooms for the lessons are close to each other so you dont have to use tram.

Campus West: Among others, the Faculty of Geophysics and Biology are based at the western campus.

Mackensen: Institute of Reciprocating Engines

Campus North comprises the former Research Centre of Karlsruhe and lies twelve kilometres north of Karlsruhe in a forest. The area is about two square kilometres wide and in 2005, there were 3800 people working at the Research Centre.

A plan of the university can be found here.
The University of Karlsruhe offers a broad range of courses. Note that the IEM department is situated under the Faculty of Economics (Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (https://www.wiwi.kit.edu/english/index.php) ), and includes subjects of economy and management. Most of the Engineering subjects are administrated by other faculties. Actually, the students don't need to sign up for most of the courses at the beginning of the semester. You just register for the exam at the end of the semester. Most part the bachelor courses are given in German, but depending on the professor exams can be written in English as well. Master courses are around 50-50 German and English. Usually the lecturers upload detailed scripts, but in case you need more information, you can find various books or e-books on almost every topic in the University Library which is open 24/7 (access with your KIT Student card). A more detailed overview of the courses could be found in the "Modulhandbücher". They exist for the Bachelor and the Master program (view list of module handbooks). There are versions in German and English, but the English copy isn't as detailed as the German one.

If you need help about your study/courses the "Fachschaft" (Student Association which only exists to help other students of their faculty) is best contact person. Have a look at their study consulting page. You also could write an email to Mr. Hilser from the Prüfungssekreteriat which is kind of more official.
As far as I know there are no special scholarships at the university avaiable.
University contacts
International Office:
+49 721 608-44911
Use contact form
IEM Department:
+49 (0)721 608-42147
Local Group
You need help? Just ask anyone from Local Group Karlsruhe or write an email to the local board (vorstand.karlsruhe@estiem.org). Don't forget to check http://vwi-karlsruhe.de/
Student Guide
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