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Smaranda Sgarciu
Leader for Vision 2016/2017
skype: smaranda.sgarciu


Our Mission

To give IEM students a practical insight in an out-of-the-box topic, bridging the gap between theory and industry, by organising a series of seminars throughout Europe


Established in 1993, the ESTIEM project Vision is an Europe-wide seminar series with an annually changing, unconventional topic related to Industrial Engineering and Management. The series consist of 8 one-week seminars, each having a different subtopic of the main topic and gathering around 20 students from the ESTIEM network. Among them 2 seminars are organised in cooperation with the businessbooster project to stimulate innovative thinking, teach entrepreneurship basics to build  successful startups and discover the business opportunities in the relevant field. The Vision seminars have a varied schedule with lectures, workshops, company visits, fun and cultural activities to provide an interactive learning and cultural experience. The series end with the Final Conference which aims to summarize the whole series by connecting different subtopics, sharing the outcomes of the seminars and looking into the main topic from a broader perspective. At the Council Meeting Porto in April 2016 "Renewable Energy - The Power of our Future" was selected as the focus topic for 2016 - 2017.

What is the topic "Renewable Energy - The Power of our Future" about?

Everything  that is  surrounding us is energy!

In the past, our needs did not require so much energy, but now we our living is depended on it and our main source is fossil fuels. Recently, the global emissions produced by fossil fuels and industrial processes raised up to 65%, so we can live within the nature’s budget of Renewable Energy and make it the Power of our Future!

The most commonly used renewable energy sources are Biomass, Hydropower, Geothermal, Wind and Solar, but this year’s Vision series plans to explore this topic through its engineering, economic and business dimensions such as the  Biofuels and Geothermal Energy, Renewable Energies in Sewage Treatment, the Role of Renewables in a Transition to a more Sustainable Society, Decarbonisation - Decentralisation - Digitalisation and last but not least Electric cars with Renewables.

The series aims to help the future participants explore the field of Renewable Energy through a broader view, therefore contributing to their education. The focus is concentrated on the industrial part, offering the students an insight into the companies and also help them make contacts in the network, that can contribute in their future careers.


The semiars:





  Helsinki & Tampere   Budapest
Biofuels & Geothermal Energy - deep into development Renewable Energies in Sewage Treatment
06.02 - 12.02.17


20.02 - 26.02.17


    Berlin   Istanbul Yildiz
Decarbonisation, Decentalisation, Digitalisation Renwable Energy in a Sustainable Society
13.03 - 18.03.17


20.03. - 27.03.17




Warsaw     Aveiro & Coimbra
Electric Cars with Renewables Final Conference


11.04- 16.04.17


14.05 - 20.05.17