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Ayca Akboyraz
Leader for Vision 2015/2016
skype: ayca.akboyraz


Vision: Materials Key Drivers for Innovation

The Vision Project is a seminar series on a yearly topic. This year Vision topic will be Materials Key Drivers for Innovation and will have 11 Seminars in 13 Local Groups. In the end we will conclude with the Final Conference to sump up one year long seminar series

The organisers of the Vision events plan their event locally with a constant communication with the central. During the whole process, they are supported by the Vision Team who guarantees the quality of the seminars. The central team provides the organisers with sponsor search brochures, Best Practice Documents, promotion material, budgetting advices, grants application support.

Central Vision Project and the local events use videos, posters and promotion to attract and reach more people. This task group of Vision supports organisers and the central team with the design and promotion issues. Financing the project and also supporting the Local Groups with fundraising materials are also responbilities of the Public Relations and Corporate Relations Team.

One key task of the Vision team is to ensure the academic quality of the seminar series. It is ensured through the close cooperation with the organising Local Groups. Each Vision Seminar will yield a qualified specific outcome and it is us Visionaries who shape those output to a valuable outcome before&after each seminar.



Final Conference - Belgrade



  Istanbul Bogazici   Gothenburg
More than Energy: Materials A Revolutionary Supermaterial - Graphene
24.11 - 30.11.15 19.01 - 24.01.16
    Madrid   Trondheim
Materials for Nuclear Applications Aluminium - Shapes your future
01.02 - 07.02.16 22.02. - 28.02.16
  Gdansk     Tallinn
Composite Materials Vision & businessbooster Joint Event
07.03- 13.03 20.03 - 26.03
    Paderborn, Siegen & Dortmund   Groningen
Driven by Innovation Organic Materials
23.04 - 30.04 09.05 - 15.05
  Aveiro   Aachen
Cork Smart Textiles
23.05 - 29.05.16 22.06 - 28.06