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The Summer Entrepreneurship Training (SET) is a three weeks training and mentoring event specifically designed for students who are really passionate aboute entrepreneurship. What makes SET such a special event is that it consists out of three different modules, each taking place in a different location, a different university, a different country and focusing on a different aspect of entrepreneurship.


This year's Summer Entrepreneurship Training will take place :


04.07.2016 - 25.07.2016

20 students from all over the world get the chance to experience a very unique event that provides information and knowledge about how to start-up a business. Through lectures and workshops from international professors, trainers and business people, we ensure that our participants receive a high quality education. In groups of 2-4 they work on their own business model. With the newly acquired knowledge they generate their own business idea and develop a professional business model with the help of a experienced mentors who will be coaching the teams throughout the event. At the end of the event, the team will present their fully developed business models to a jury consisting out of investors, entrepreneurs and professors and an online auditorium. During the Gala Dinner, SET students and professionals, business people,professors will have the opportunity to connect with each other.

The startup culture in Israel is incredible. In no other country you find so many entrepreneurs/inhabitant, and there is no better start to get the students motivated for startup than the centre of Entrepreneurship in Israel.
In Bremen you not only will find a strong network of existing startups also the government sees the oppertunity to bring wealth and benefit to the region by supporting startups as much as possible. You will experience a rare relationship between young entrepreneurs and supporters.
In the end Eindhoven, one of the most technological advanced city in the netherlands will host the final week of the Summer Entrepreneurship Training. You will meet many other entrepreneurs and present your businessidea in a huge fair to a jury of investors.

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Participation Fee

Information about the participation fee is not final yet, as the fundraising process is still ongoing. With the current budget and fundraised money it will be maximum of 450€ (with everything in the programme included; food, accommodation, activities, travels between and within the cities).

We want to create a life-changing event for students of different backgrounds, our fundraising team is working hard to decrease the participation fee as much as possible. Our goal is to have a participation fee as low as possible to ensure equal chances for everyone to participate in the event. We will keep you updated on the fundraising progress.

50% of the participation fee needs to be paid within 14 days after getting accepted to the event.


Summer Entrepreneurship Training Scholarship

We believe that the participation fee of 450€ is more than fair considering that it includes food and accommodation for 3 weeks as well as the travel between the locations. However we are aware that 450€ are still a lot of money and some ESTIEMers might simply not be able to afford it.

Therefor we arranged a collaboration with the Club of 100 to enable disadvantaged ESTIEMers to take part in this life changing experience. The Club of 100 and businessbooster both reserved certain funds to give scholarships to cover substantial part of the event participation fee for ESTIEMers who don’t have the financial means to afford SET.

Only members of ESTIEM are eligible to receive support of this scholarship
The link for the application form can be found in the event description on the ESTIEM portal.

How can I apply?

The application is open for university students from all over the world.


You can send your application to SETapplication.business@estiem.org until 24.04.2016. Your application should contain:

  • CV
  • A letter of motivation which answers the following question:
    • What do you think about entrepreneurship?
    • Why do you want to take part in this training?
    • Do you already have a business idea?
      Yes! We can't wait to hear all about it!
      Not yet. Tell us a little bit about which field you are interested in working in later on.
    • Do you have experience with leadership? Tell us about a project you worked on. which challenges did you face and how did you solve it?
    • Who is your role model?
    • Which animal would you like to be?
  • A picture or video which describes you best. be creative

After the first stage application period finishes the best applicants will receive an invitation for a face to face skype interview with on of the mmain organizers. The interview will take aprox. 15 minutes .