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Local Group Skopje
How to get here
By Plane, Skopje is conected with 27 European destinations throughout the services of low-cost carrier Wizzair. Other airlines are also available. From the airport you can either take a bus which will cost you 200mkd/3.3 eur or take the airport taxi which is 20 eur. If your option is a BUS, Skopje is contected with a large number of European destinations.
Insurance and Visa
Basic health insurence is preferred.
No visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days.
Renting (long term)
Student dorms in Skopje are reserved for students from other cities across Macedonia. Renting a flat is a better option, since you can share it with other people. The average price for a flat with furniture is around 200eur/month. You can always find on the web real-estate agencies.
We highly reccomend Urban Hostel, this is the hostel where we accomodate the participants during ESTIEM events.
In case you're interested in being hosted by someone from the Local Group, please check the information on the ESTIEM Hosting Platform or contact the Local Responsible through lr.skopje@estiem.org or hosting.skopje@estiem.org
Public Transportation
Public Transportation in Skopje is consisted only with buses. The first ride will cost you 150mkd, since you have to buy electronic card, where you can add credits for other rides that will cost 35mkd per ride.
Private Transportation
Taxi is also a option, since taxies in Skopje are pretty cheap. The base fare is 40mkd, and than 25mkd/km. Also there are couple of bike rental post around the city.
Touristic spots
Old Bazaar, Skopje Fortress, Macedonia Square, Macedonia Street, Millenium Cross, City Park, Canyon Matka
You can always have a meal or drink alongside Vardar River in the city centre, but also the neighbourhood "Debar Maalo" is worth trying. Nighclubs during winter time are in the city centre, while during summer they all in the City Park
Student Festivals & Parties
"Debar Maalo" area - Ortse Nikolov Street & "Boemska 1 & 2 Ulica", other options are also available. Average price for a salad, main course and a drink is around 500mkd/8.5eur.
Beer price in supermarket is 45mkd/0.75eur for 0.5L and in bar is from 80-120 for a 0.5L.
Macedonia is using Macedonian Denar (MKD)
Mobile Phone
Getting a pre-paid card is very easy. You can buy them either in the stores of T-Mobile and Vip, or smaller dealerships which have their logos in front of the market
Универзитет Св. Кирил и Методиј Скопје
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Website http://www.ukim.edu.mk
Tuition Fee 200/400EUR
Autumn semester
Application deadline August-September
Second half of August First week of September
Spring semester
Application deadline February
First week of February  
Campus Facilities
The Technical Campus is consisted of 4 faculties, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Technology and Metallurgy and Computer Science and Engineering. There are couple of cafes, fast food joints, bakeries and restaurants. Distance from city centre is 2km.
IEM availabe on the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, in bachelors and masters degree. All the classes are on macedonian language.
You can get a scholarship after the 1st year of studies based on you GPA. Information about foreign students applying for scholarship - NA.
University contacts
International Office:
00389 2 329 3293
IEM Department:
00389 2 3099-200
Local Group
To get in contact with ESTIEM Local Group Skopje, please contact our Local Responsible through the e-mail lr.skopje@estiem.org
Student Guide
If you find any broken links or wish to give feedback related to the Student Guide Pages, please contact pages.studentguide@estiem.org