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Boğaziçi University

Students 12 000
Exchange students 879
IEM students 325
Autumn Semester September - January
Application deadline March 1st
Spring Semester February - June
Application deadline September 1st
Tuition Fee 659,50 €
Website Boğaziçi University

Study information

Boğaziçi University (Turkish: Boğaziçi Üniversitesi, English: Bosphorus University) is a public university which was founded in 1863. Boğaziçi University (BOUN) is consistently regarded as one of the most favourite universities which has high quality of education fields such as engineering, applied science and social science programs in Turkey.


University building

All of the degree students have exams which are administered in two stages. According to their examination scores, they make their choices about the universities they want to be accepted and then they are being registered, getting their acceptance to the university. The Departments have many exchange opportunities under the Erasmus project and other reciprocal agreements of Bogazici University. Office of International Relations includes all the information that you need about how to apply, application form, deadlines for exchange and degree students, announcements and also contact informations.

In Bogaziçi University, tuitions and fees are acceptable prices.


In every department of Boğaziçi University, all the lectures and courses are given 100% in English. Receiving all the coursess in English makes it possible for every foreign students to understand courses easily and efficiently.

Academic program, courses descriptions and also elective courses can be checked from University's Undergraduation Courses webpage.

Courses of the Industrial Engineering are given in Engineering Faculty on South Campus. Students are only allowed to take courses after they pass the English Proficiency Exam which is held three times a year, or lodging a test result like TOEFL. Faculty of Management also provides students to receive education 100% in English as well. Courses of Management are given in Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty on South Campus.

All the books needed for lectures can be found in the libraries. You also can use e-library . Form into rank and allocate the books or materials that you want to borrow. It is also possible to get books, booklets and lecture notes from older students. Another way to taking lecture notes is using ‘durak copy’ which is a very common thing. Durak copy is a store which is located opposite of the south campus’ entrance.

The Department uses a course management system (CMS) that is widely used both by lecturers and students. Moodle is a CMS that helps students to access complementary material for the courses, keep the track of course progress and their grades, download and submit assignments. It is also designed as a forum for discussing topics both about the lectures and departmental issues.

About Industrial Engineering, Bogazici offers many beneficial courses and practices like Operational Research 1-2-3, Statistics, Probability, Specific Case Study Courses, Java Proggramming, Object Oriented Programming, Marketing, Engineering Economics, Material Sciences etc.

All courses are in English (no Turkish Course in Bogazici) and books are really cheap compared to other universities. (Even most expensive ones are available for 25 Euro)

Foreign Language Education

About language, Bogazici's main language is English. Other language courses are obviously exceptions like FR101, GER101. You can also start to a new language in Bogazici. As non-credit courses, engineering students are free to take several language courses such as Russian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese.

Quality of Education

In Turkey, Bogazici University is known as one of the best one in Turkey. With its huge library, highly qualified professors and availibility to make very significant researches; it is one of the most popular one among Turkish students.

Bogazici has six engineering fields and also has Management department.

Bogazici is known well at international level with its Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management and Economics Departments.


The number of the exchange students are very high for every department. Incoming exchange students even organize their own parties but never feel segregated from the Bogazici students. Exchange students make close friends and participate in most organizations&parties.

Study practicalities

Learning Turkish

In Istanbul, it will be easy to find people who can speak English. Especially younger ones who you would get in touch can speak English; but, it is a fact that it is better being able to speak a little the native language of the country. In Boğaziçi University everybody is a potential translator for you and also there are courses for foreigners to help them to learn Turkish. They exist on the campus in two categories: Faculty may take regular courses for free. That includes the Elemantary Turkish course for foreigners. There is also a Turkish language course for foreigners who are not connected with the university. This course has a tuituon. It attracts foreigners married to Turks, foreigners who need Turkish for business purposes, and foreigners who want to learn some Turkish simply because they are here. It is also possible to take private lessons.


Kuzey Campus

Apart from South Campus (Güney Kampüs) which is the main one, the university has buildings in five other campuses. The North Campus (Kuzey Kampüs), Hisar Campus and Uçaksavar Campus are located near the Güney Campus. The South Campus is situated on a hill between Bebek and Rumeli Hisarüstü while the North Campus and Hisar Campus are located in Rumeli Hisarüstü itself. The Kandilli Campus is located on the Asian side of Istanbul (in Çengelköy)and hosts the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI). The newest campus is in Kilyos and is called the Sarıtepe Campus. In every campus it is possible to find that what you need in terms of shopping, cafeteria, canteens and the others.

Student ID

When registrated to Boğaziçi University, all students are given a user name and a password which can be used to login Boğziçi University registration service. Via this internet address students can prepare their course lists and also receive more information. User name is a combination of one’s name and surname. If you forget your password, you can get a new one from the responsible person of one of the computer halls with your student ID card. In addition to user name and password you are given BOUN’s e-mail address. Boğaziçi University mail box enables you to learn what is going on in the campus, announcements and also recent news. Every students of the University has their own student ID’s cards. This card can be used to pay for lunch in refectory (highly recommended, because it is the only way for paying the costs, that is to say cash is not valid. If you load money to your ID card you can get your table d'hote 2.25 tl) fee of fitness center and swimming pool (both of them in the same place and they costs 5 tl per-entrance) can be paid with ID cards. Also, ID card is needed to borrow books from library and issues with student affairs. Students will receive their university cards from the Student Affairs Office.


Boğaziçi University's library is the one of the richest one in Turkey. Many old books were donated to Bogazici University from US Government and most of them only available in this library. The library is located on North campus. During the Academic Year Monday-Friday : 9:00 - 22:15 Sunday : 14:00 - 22:15 During the Summer Recess August 11 - September 14 Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 17:15 Library Locations ; second floor (Near East Collection, General Collection, U.S.A. Historical Documents) first floor (General Collection, Reserve) ground floor(Circulation Desk, Reference Collection, Administration, Photocopy Service) basement (Audiovisual, Periodicals-Indexes-Abstracts, Photocopy Service, Braille Collection). Student ID Cards are used for entrance and borrowing materials from the library.

Internet access

At Boğziçi University Internet access is provided through ethernet in every faculty for every personnel. Wireless access available everywhere in campuses. There is a large PC cluster on the ground, first and second floor in the Library which University staff and students are welcome to search library catalog, online databases. There is also wireless internet in the library, you can use your laptop. There are also many other computer classrooms around campus which are freely available to staff and students of the University.

Academic Calendar

For incoming students academic calendar informs them about many important issues like exam dates, double major applications, undergrad transfers and many others.

Practical information


Boğaziçi University offers various dormitories for its students. 1. male dormitory and 1. female dormitory are on South Campus. 1. north dormitory, 2. north dormitory and 3. north dormitory are on North Campus. 1. Kilyos dormitory and 2. Kkilyos dormitory are on Kilyos (Sarıtepe) campus. Also on Uçaksavar campus there is a dormitory. Superdorm is established on the campus of “Uçaksavar Culture and Sports Facilities” of Bogaziçi University. Currently the superdorm is the only available option for the incoming exchange and special students. Superdorm is operated under a private management. Office of International Relations and Boğaziçi University do not provide housing services. If you want to stay at private house not in dormitories, real estate agents can be helpful for you.

Important things

Bogazici is extremely famous with its campus. It is next to the Bosphorus and brilliant landscape is available from every point of the campus. And many historical buildings, generally more than 100-year-old, will meet you in campus. There is no debate about its campus, it is one of the best in Middle East. Campuses’ photo albums

Campus Facilities

Boğaziçi University grants a wide range of campus facilities to its students.

Mithat Alam Film Center

Mithat Alam Film Center is located in South Campus. It has cinema theater which can take 61 person in. At cinema theater throughout the education term, there are screenings, conversations, panels and presentations. Also this center makes it possible for students who have no chance to watch movies at their home or students who dwell in dormatories to watch or borrow them. This center has a huge variety of movies.

Residence Permit

Boğaziçi University has a lot of incoming students from different countries. Residence permit will be handled easily. Office of International Students helps every one to resolve their all kinds of problems.


Faculty of Arts building


The possibilities are bus, boat and taxi. The systems are relatively simple once you use them.

Buses: The main transportation vehicle is ‘Metrobus’ in İstanbul. The end of the line is called ‘Zincirlikuyu'. To come to Boğaziçi University from Zincirlikuyu, you should take a bus. 559C or 43R is written on the front of the bus. If you want to go to the Uçaksavar Campus you should get off at ‘Cengiz Topel’ station. If you want to go to the North Campus, you should get off at ‘Nispetiye’ station or for going to South Campus, you should get off from the bus at ‘Boğaziçi University’ station. With both 559C and 43R, you can come to these campuses. After zincirlikuyu their line is the same. For paying the money you can buy a ticket from every station of Metrobus or Zincirlikuyu but it is a bit expencive (2.50 TL). It is better to buy ‘Akbil’ or ‘İstanbul Card’ if you come to campus by bus every day. You can get ‘İstanbul Card’ from student affairs office at South Campus. Every passing costs 95 krş. Akbil costs 1.65 tl per passing. There are buses which are going to Taksim, Beşiktaş, Kabataş frequently from Bebek. Actually it is really easy to travel. If you need to ask for help, everbody will definetly help you.

Subway: From Etiler you can get on subway for going Taksim.With your ‘İstanbul Card’ or ‘Akbil’ you can pay the amount.

Taxis: Taxis are plentiful in Istanbul and are inexpensive by US standards. In this regard, Istanbul is easy for newcomers. No matter where you happen to get lost or run out of steam, you are likely to find an empty taxi to take you back to familiar surroundings. All taxis use meters; be sure the driver turns the meter on. The cost is what the meter says. Drivers always recognize the major part of the city you want to go to (i.e. Taksim) and need that information in order to take you to some particular address. Returning to the campus is accomplished by asking for Etiler-Levent and then Bogazici Universty.

Boats: The boat dock is at Bebek. This is a very pleasant way to travel, less crowded during rush hour than one would expect, and also a rapid way to get downtown on a weekday morning. Weekdays there are two early morning boats which go to Eminonu. Along the way they stop at Ortakoy and Besiktas. The schedule is posted at the dock, inside the waiting room. You purchase a token from the ticket window at the dock. If the boat comes and ticket windows is closed, then a boat worker will sell you the token. Going south, the final destination is Eminonu. These boats dock at a particular landing. To return from there, study the schedule posted inside the waiting room and look for boats that return to Bebek. Between the campuses shuttles can be used. See shuttle timetable.

Cell Phone

In Turkey there are three operators; namely, Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea. It is cheaper to have international phone calls using Vodafone or Avea.

Student activities

Student organisations

Student Clubs

Boğaziçi University is famous with its large number of student clubs. There are more than 30 student clubs ranging from engineering to photography. Most importantly, all of the student clubs are very active and enable you to improve your hobby to a professional level.

It is possible to try interesting sports for the first time and receive certificates for them. Sailing, submarine sports, mountain climbing and aviation are cases in point.

BUYAK (Operational Research Club) is the club which is the member of ESTIEM and related to the Industrial Engineering. Student clubs organize many activities such as conferences, festivals and concerts during the whole year. Student clubs like BUYAK organize series of seminars for students from all universities and others have festivals including concerts of famous Turkish singers.

Almost every month there are parties exclusive for the Bogazici students in the most popular and fanciest night clubs of Istanbul with a very small amount of entrance fee. 2 major vacations are also organized once in winter for skiing and once in the spring break for summer holiday.


EMT (In Turkish) is the Union of Industrial Engineering Association, aiming to provide effective communication, mutual personal development and knowledge sharing among university students. EMT unite the active industrial engineering societies in a common platform with membership of exclusive thirteen universities including Boğaziçi University in Turkey. They organize a case study competition called VAY, some seminars and some projects related to high schools. Active people from these thirteen universities gather together three times a year for council meetings organized by a different university.


LG Istanbul Bogazici is an active member of ESTIEM, thus you can participate in ESTIEM events during your term in Istanbul .


At Bogazici University students may participate in any sports activities in which they are interested. Within the structure of the University, the Sports Committee's basic goal is to coordinate and organize the Bogazici University Sports Festival, which takes place at the end of each academic year. In Bogazici University students have the chance to do many kind of sports like American Football, Badminton, Fencing, Handball, Skiing, Sailing, Soccer, Swimming, Water Polo, and Volleybol etc. Such sports are both professionally and only as a hobby done in the campus. We have an American football field near the campus which includes a runway and a gym for the students to have trainings. Indoor and outdoor tennis courts and swimming pools enable the students to benefit from the facilities at any time they want. Aerobics, Aikido, Basitball, Crew, Cycling, Gymnastics, Judo, Karate, Step Aerobics, Table Tennis, Taekwan-do, Track and Field, Triathlon are other options which are coordinated and organized. Sports Facilities

Other Activities

Every week classic music concerts are performed at Albert Long Hall and in the Mithat Alam Film Center movies are shown for the students. Additionally, actors and authors come to campus for conversations.


Study Information

For questions or advises related to the structure of Boğaziçi University and educational system for Exchange students, Boğaziçi university Office of International Relations will help you. For questions or advises related to the IEM program in Boğaziçi University, the Department of Industrial Engineering will help you. You can have more information from Boğaziçi University Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

Practical Information

Other than the information provided above, you can always reach LG Istanbul Bogazici through this adress: buyak@boun.edu.tr


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