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University of Kragujevac

Students 14,000
Exchange students 200
IEM students 200
Autumn Semester October - January
Application deadline ?
Spring Semester February - July
Application deadline ?
Tuition Fee Depends on the program you enroll
Website http://www.kg.ac.rs

University of Kragujevac was founded on the 21st May in 1976. It's roots goes back to the first half of XIX century when "Licej" was founded in Kragujevac in 1838. It was first high education facility in Serbia.

In 1820, during his stay in Kragujevac at Duke Milos Obrenovic Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic proposed to Duke to create school for high education, and then little by little "Liceum" and after that an universety. That could be done only after "Hatiserif" in 1830 when Serbia got it's first form of autonomy. "Liceum Knjazevska Serbskog" which was founded eight years later, was forefather of of todays Universetys in Serbia. Out of "Liceum" that was moved into Belgrade. In 1863, Great school was founded, and then in 1905, Belgrade University. First rector was Atanasije Nikolic First University in Kragujevac which consisted of Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering and Economic Faculty are founded in early sixties while today, University of Kragujevac consist of 11 Faculties and two institutes located in Kragujevac, Cacak, Kraljevo, Uzice and Jagodina.

Study Information

University of Kragujevac

University of Kragujevac, with its 11 faculties is a modern educational and research centre embracing almost all major areas of teaching and research. Six of the faculties are located in Kragujevac, the centre of Šumadija District, while other five faculties are located in four towns of Central Serbia namely Kraljevo, Čačak, Jagodina and Užice, thus covering the area with more than 2 500 000 inhabitants. The University of Kragujevac offers a wide range of study programs on bachelor, master and doctoral levels. The academic and professional studies are based on approved and accredited study programs.

Colleges that make the University of Kragujevac today are:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac,
  • Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac,
  • Law faculty in Kragujevac,
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences in Kragujevac,
  • Technical Faculty in Čačak,
  • Medical Faculty in Kragujevac,
  • Faculty of Agroeconomics in Čačak,
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo,
  • Pedagogic Faculty in Jagodina,
  • Pedagogic Faculty in Užice,
  • Faculty of Philology in Kragujevac

At the University of Kragujevac today is studying about 16 000 students. A total of graduates is about 23 000, master's thesis is about 800 and 420 of whom are doctorate candidates. University of Kragujevac granted and 14 honorary doctorates.

Every year University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering accepts 230 students, 40 of whom are accepted by the Department of Industrial Engineering. Today, in the Department of Industrial Engineering, there are 38 undergraduate students of IEM and 25 students in Master’s studies.


Kragujevac city

Application form and protocol is declaired at least five months before the beggining of the schoolyear. Number of students that attends Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is 240, and is synchronized with full capabilities of this institution (53 teachers and 18 associates with full working hours).

Semester start/end dates:

The beginning and the end of winter semester: October 1 – January 29
The beginning and the end of summer semester: February 22 – July 4

Exam periods:

Winter period: January 1 – February 21 + Additional period in April
Summer period: June 14 – July 4 + Additional period in September


Christmas and New Year’s holidays: January 1 – January 8

Tuition fee depends on faculty you choose to enrole, and it varies from 30.000 up to 120.000 RSD (300~1200e)

The University of Kragujevac participates in various programs for student mobility and exchange. The most prominent one is Erasmus Mundus Action 2 – Basileus Project which enables students to participate in different exchange programs and study in EU Universities. The consortium consists of 8 EU Universities and 12 Universities from the West Balkan. Through this programme students from the following EU universities can come to students’ exchange in Kragujevac: • Ghent University • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis • Lund University • Sapienza University of Rome • University of Ljubljana • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski • University of Zagreb • University of Heidelberg

For more information visit www.basileus.ugent.be


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac has noumerous courses. Basicly Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac is divided into three sections, which start with Bachelor academic studies, onto which students may, after 3 completed years (6 semesters), may enroll into Master academic studies, which last for 2 more years. After completing Master academic studies, students have a chance to finish Doctor studies which last for 3 more years. First two years of Bachelor studies are basic mechanicakl engineering, after which students have a choice to make which way they would like to continue studies and choose from several directions of studying. One of those directions is Industrial engineering.

Quality of Education

A large number of candidates had obtained different titles at the faculty, as follows:

  • Mechanical engineer - 1023 candidates,
  • Mechanical engineer of the first degree - 94 candidates,
  • Graduated mechanical engineer - 2830 candidates,
  • Specialist in technical sciences - 16 candidates,
  • Master of technical sciences - 213 candidates,
  • Ph.D. in technical sciences - 93 candidates,

IE has helped immensely to improve our Faculty:

  • Hundreds of topics of fundamental, applied and development level were realized, and a multitude of scientific and expert papers were made known and published at congresses, conferences, symposiums and seminars of national and international characters and in leading national and international journals,
  • A large number of scientific, educational, monographic and other types of publications, important for carrying out the educational and scientific activities and for innovation of knowledge of the Faculty associates and economy experts were published,
  • Faculty is publishing two international journals ("International Journal Quality research") which contribute to spreading of scientific thought in the country and abroad,
  • Faculty has developed and is still developing a cooperation with many scientific and other institutions from the country and abroad, trying to provide all the necessary prerequisites for education and training of its teachers and associates,

IE is a carrier and conductor of the several international projects like FP, EUREKA, COST, TEMPUS, EURECNA, WUS, and other projects.

Even this small part of the achieved results which is presented, shows that the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac is an institution rich in tradition and with impressive results, recognized in domestic and foreign circles.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac has been decorated with the Medal for Merit for people with silver gleam (in 1985), for special merits and success achieved in education of experts and scientists, for contribution to economic development and progress of the country and for other significant results.

Study Practicalities


City square

We use the Serbian language in lectures except in the foreign language courses. Serbian language can be learned in courses, which are organized on university, and also on private or public couses, which are organized in our city. There are also projects in which foreign students can learn Serbian free of charge.

For our homework, projects and assignments we use Serbian as well as technical foreign language.

At our faculty there are also following compulsory language courses: English, German or French, each of them lasts up to two (2) semesters.

Internet Access

Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering provides wireless internet access for students, and for visitors. As well as several computer cabinets for students which do not own personal computers.

Practical Information

How to get there

By Plane

If you plan to take a plane to Kragujevac, you will have to take a plane ticket to the nearest airport which is in Belgrade, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, and from there take some other form of transportation. Aerport is located in Belgrade and is some 120Km from Kragujevac, bus lines are organized from aerport to the bus station, from which there are direct lines to Kragujevac on every hour or less.

By Train

Visitors can come to Kragujevac using trains, but we have to mention that there is a necessary changing trains on a train station in Lapovo which lead directly to Kragujevac. Detailed map of railroad system can be found here.

By Boat

Boat traveling will also get you as far as Belgrade from where you will have to obtain another mean of transportation. Main advantage of boat traveling is that it is the cheapest way to travel. So it can not be neglected if price of traveling is what you mostly pay attention to.

By Car or By Bus

Infamous Zastava Yugo, produced in Kragujevac

Maybe the best way to visit our university is to travel by car or a bus. Depending on your starting location, directions and roads you may take vary. maybe the best way to get directions is by using google maps or by using your GPS system. Arriving by bus is possible from any part of Serbia, and from other countries. If you decide to arrive by bus make sure you know which bus (od buses) to take.


Student dormitories

In Kragujevac there is a public student dorm "Studentski centar Kragujevac", which consists of three pavilions in which there are about 600 beds for students of Kragujevac University. Some detailed information about that can be found here.

For accommodation around the city, private apartments and houses are the second options. Among students, renting a room, an apartment or even a house are prefered mostly during school year. Price range vary from 100 euros per bed/room, up to several hundreds depending on type and size of accommodation you are renting and of course, the location. Renting rooms must be found manualy, which means newspapers, classifieds and start looking.

Important Things


People that visit Serbia, who have medical insurance in their country, and Serbia have signed international agreement of health protection, during their visit they automatic have health insurance. All countries in region have that agreement signed. This health insurance only covers basic and emergency medical interventions. All other medical expenses are charged and after are (should be) refundable by your medical insurance if you prove that medical procedure had to be done in Serbia and could not wait before you return to your country. By arriving at the Serbia you can go to the republican health insurance office where you will receive document, based on your health insurance, that is valid as your health card during your stay in our country.


Visa cards as well as almost all other credit cards which can be used in Europe can be used in Serbia. Here you can find a bank or a post office almost in every other street... So that is not a problem if you need to send some letter, shipment or just want to take a stroll to a bank.


City market

Living and shopping costs can be described as very cheap for people that comes from EU countries, ad also for people who come from countries with somewhat more developed economics. Depending on what you are buying price tag is as low as it gets, for instance, if you are buying clothing you can find a pair of jeans from 10 euros, while T-shirts can be bought for 6-7 euro. Food is also somewhat cheap, you need about 5 euro a day for a proper meals, but you can eat just fine for even less than that. Of course we must mention "Karadjordjeva" steak, which can be bought in numerous places in all of Serbia, and which is about 1.2~1.5 euro, depending on place and quality where you buy it.


Transportation is well organized, to get around the city you can use city buses, taxi, or you can simply walk around, because of the fact that Kragujevac is rather small city. Getting around Kragujevac by foot or bicycle is easy and relaxing. Bus tickets can be bought inside buses, for a single drive or you can buy monthly ticket with discount for students. Taxi fares are among the cheapest in Serbia, so that it can be considered sometimes, especially on rainy days.


You can use your own telephone in Serbia, just check which operator you need to use before you leave your country. In Serbia there are three mobile operators namely mt:s, Telenor, Vip mobile to choose as your roaming operator, if you are buying a new phone or just a new phone number.

Student Activities

Student Organisations

There are up to 100 student clubs, as well as dozens organisations at the University of Kragujevac. Of course main organisation is ESTIEM whose office is at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Here are also listed some of European professional societies at University of Kragujevac:, AIESEC, AEGEE, ASHRAE, etc.

At our faculty there are approximately 30 clubs, including chess club football, basketball, handball, table tennis, etc.


Nightlife is not restricted only to weekends, there is a lot of night life during whole week, many clubs, such as: Casino, Club 8, Broadway, Rakija bar (Schnapps bar), Academy, etc, are open during the whole week and almost every night is a party night. Maybe best way to enjoy a night life is to have a preparty at a pub (or as we call it "Kafana") and then go out in some of the local dance clubs. Roughly price for a beer (o.5l) is around 1 ~ 1.5 euro depending on the place you go to. And in clubs after midnight price is around 1.5 ~ 2 euros for a bottle of beer. Of course there are several domestic brands of schnapps that are somewhat more popular and effective than beer.


Football stadium

In Kragujevac you can rent all sort of sport facilities depending on sport you plan to play with your friends. Therefore are football, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, and other courts, which can be rented for a price from 3~4 euros for a person, depending on sport you wish to play. Some of the centers are in open during summer and closed up in autumn and winter periods, so anytime is a good time if you wish to organize some kind of sport event.


Study information

Information about studies in university of Kragujevac can be found on official site of University or on e-mail of Kragujevac university: unikg@kg.ac.rs Information about studies on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac can be fond on official site, or by e-mail or phone.

Practical Information

For practical information you can always contact any ESTIEM member, preferably LR or president, but if you contact anyone else and they do not have correct answer for your question they will surely direct you to someone that will give you the best possible answer to any of your question.


If there are errors, broken links, or missing information in this article, please send a mail to studentguide@estiem.org. We appreciate your help.