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Yildiz Technical University

Students > 20 000
Exchange students 500
IEM students 2 000
Autumn Semester August - December
Application deadline June 1st
Spring Semester January - June
Application deadline October 31st
Tuition Fee n.a.
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Istanbul Yildiz Mosque

Study Information

Yildiz Technical University is one of the seven government universities situated in İstanbul besides being the 3rd oldest university of Turkey with its history dating back to 1911.It is regarded as one of the best universities in the country as well. Our university has 10 Faculties, 2 Institutes, the Vocational School of Higher Education, the Vocational School for National Palaces and Historical Buildings, the Vocational School for Foreign Languages and more than 25,000 students. If you want more information about Yildiz Technical University and its history, you can always check this link : http://www.yildiz.edu.tr/en/

Required points for ungratuated programs:

  • YÖGS ( an exam which is organised from yildiz technical university) - Min 55 standart points.
  • YÖS basic learning skills - Min 55 points.
  • SAT I (SAT Reasoning Test) - From math and critical reading tests min 1100/1600 total points and 680/800 maths points.
  • GCE exam - Min two A point about the program which you want to apply.
  • ACT (American College Test) - Min total 21 points from science and maths.
  • International baccalaureate - Min 30 diploma grade.
  • ABITUR exam - Min 4 points
  • French baccalaureate - min 12 diploma grade.


Communication: Address: Foreign Students Coordination Center (Yurt Dışı Öğrenci Koordinatörlüğü) Yıldız Kampüsü, A-Blok, A404 34349 Yıldız / Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Tel: (+90) 212 383 2236 Fax: (+90) 212 383 2114 E-Mail: ydok@yildiz.edu.tr, skarakas@yildiz.edu.tr Web : www.ydok.yildiz.edu.tr



All Master Programmes' Language in our university is English

  • Industrial Engineering Master
  • System Engineering Master
  • Occupational Safety Master

Study Practicalities


Yıldız Campus

The grove on Beşiktaş Hill was first used as a hunting area by Ahmed I, who had a small pavilion built here. When Abdülhmid II acceded to the throne he

moved to Yıldız Palace in 1877 since he did not find Dolmabahçe Palace, where his brother and uncle were dethroned, secure enough. Yıldız Palace is the fourth permanent residence of Ottoman sultans and it is actually a complex within gardens and the grove comprising palaces, pavilions, administrative, security and service buildings and parks whichcovers an area of approximately 500,000 square meters expanding from the Beşiktaş coast towards the north-west encompassing the entire hillside. The Hünkar Dairesi (the Sultan’s Chamber, also known as Valide Sultan Köflkü, the Pavilion of the Sultan’s Mother, or Hünkâr Sofras›, the Sultan’s Table) was given to the newly established Yıldız Technical School in 1937 and is today used as the Rectorate Building of Yıldız Technical University. The Çukursaray (the Hollow Palace, also known as Hanım Sultanlar Dairesi, the Chamber of the Sultan’s Wives), the Bekar Sultanlar and fiehzadePavilions (the Bachelor Sultans and Prince’s Pavilions), Sünnet Köflkü (the Pavilion of Circumcision Ceremonies), Damatlar Dairesi (the Chamber of Grooms), Agavat (the Pavilion of Aghas) and the Kiler-i Hümayun (the Royal Cellar) are the other buildings used by our university.

Contact Information

Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yıldız-İstanbul Tel: 0212 259 70 70 (40 line)

Davutpaşa Campus

It is said that the history of the military settlement in the area where the old Davutpaşa Military Barracks used to be goes back to the Byzantine era, and that the army camped here during the conquest of Istanbul and the imperial tent of Sultan Mehmed was set up here. The area sustained this function in the Ottoman era, and after the 15th century became an area serving the palace and military ceremonies. The Davutpaşa Barracks were built for the Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye (the Victorious Muhammadan Troops) after Mahmud II (1808-1839) fully disbanded the Janissary Corps. The architect of the building is Krikor Balyan, and construction began in 1826-27 and was finalized in 1831-32. The barracks were renovated and used as shelter for refugees during the Balkan War and a military hospital was opened in the building during World War I which would continue to serve until 1920. The Davutpaşa Barracks retained their original function until modern times, when in 1999 their military duty was annulled and they were assigned to YıldızTechnical University..

Contact Information Davutpaşa Mah. Davutpaşa Caddesi 34220 Esenler- İstanbul No : 0212 449 15 00 Fax: 0212 449 15 14

Ayazağa Campus

The Ayazağa Campus is on Maslak Büyükdere Street in the direction from Beşiktaş to Sarıyer. The Vocational High School and the Boys and Girls Dormitories of the Credit and Dormitories Agency are on this campus. The dining hall, sports facilities and health centre on campus facilitate the lives of students.

Contact Information Büyükdere Caddesi 80670 Maslak-İstanbul No: 0212 285 05 30 (4 line) Faks: 0212 276 68 88

Learning Turkish

Turkish language courses are available in our Universityfor Erasmus students as an elective social course in the Autumn and Spring semesters for each year. The duration of lecture is 3 hours once a week and credit value of the subject is 6 ECTS. There are 3 levels of lectures ; Elementary, intermediate and advanced. It contains one midterm(weighting%40) and ıne final(weighting %60) examination.

If you want to learn Turkish at other citys. In Term of 2010-2011 Erasmus Intensive Language Courses in Turkish will be held by 11 universities in Aydın, Antalya, Kayseri, Erzincan, İstanbul, Kocaeli, Nevşehir and Sakarya. For more information, please see the website of Turkish National Agency:


Student ID Card

Entrance to university is done with student card.This card is obtained from Türkiye İş Bankası.In addition, it can be used as a debit card.It is valid at the entrance of the refectory as well.

Internet Access and IT


Academic Calender

A term in Yildiz Technical University lasts for seventeen weeks; last two just for final exams. After your final exams you will have a holiday for two weeks. Summer holiday is about three and a half month. This is a basic information it may change a little bit (like keeping your holiday one week longer)depending on which class you choose at the beginning or general academic calender which is decided by government.

[2]here you can access to list of academic calenders in Turkish. This documents include all details for preparatory students, undergrads and grads. Also for foreign students who take YÖS exam.

Practical Information

Please refer to the main article.

How to get there

Maps Directions

The Yıldız Central Campus, the area where the administrative units of Yıldız Technical University are situated, is a central location, which can be easily reached from all destinations in the city. Below you will find information on how to get to the Yıldız Central Campus if you come to Istanbul by air, by bus or by train. We recommend that you get in contact with your Erasmus Coordinator for details before you arrive and take the phone number of your Coordinator with you just in case.

For Those Who Is Arriving by Airway

By Taxi

Yildiz Clock Tower

There are two airports in Istanbul. Atatürk Airport is on the European Side of the city, and Sabiha Gökçen Airport is on the Asian Side. As both of the airports are located outside the city centre you may find the taxi fees fairly expensive. The taxi from Atatürk Airport to Yıldız Central Campus will cost around Euro 35-40. In case you arrive at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you will need to pay double this amount to get here and you will also have to add the bridge fee to it. Communication with the taxi driver will be much easier if you write down the address and hand it to him.

By Light Rail

You may only use this method of transport from the Atatürk Airport. You can easily reach the station by following the “Metro” signs. If you have difficulties, you can easily ask airline staff for directions. In order to get on the metro, you need to buy a token from the counter. You need to use this token to go through the turnstiles in order to get to the train. You can enjoy the journey without getting stressed as you will go from the first station the last station. You can easily come out at the Aksaray Station, the last station, by following the signs. We suggest you get a taxi from here. Your location is not too close to Yıldız Central Campus but it is also not too far. The taxi from here will cost approx. Euro15.

By Havaş Buses

You can use this method of transport from both airports. You first need to find the departure point of the Havaş service buses. Airport staff will assist you. You need to get on the Etiler (Akmerkez) shuttle from Atatürk Airport and you need to get on the 4. Levent shuttle from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. You can ask for the assistance of Havafl staff, who speak foreign languages. Both arrival points are not far from Yıldız Central Campus, therefore you can simply get on a taxi once you get off the bus. Communication with the taxi driver will be much easier if you write down the address and hand it to him.

For Those Who Is Arriving by Bus

If you prefer to come to Istanbul by bus, you will arrive at Esenler Bus Station on the European side. Follow the “Metro” signs once you get off the bus. These signs will take you to the metro station. Esenler Bus Station is one of the stops on the metro line. Therefore you will see two lanes going in opposite directions. One line takes you to Atatürk Airport and the other takes you to Aksaray. You will be going in the Aksaray direction. There are clear signs at the station showing directions. In order to get on the metro you need to buy a token from the counter. Aksaray is the last station of the light rail track. Once you get off the train you may get on a taxi to get to Yıldız Central Campus.

For Those Who Is Arriving by Train

Sirkeci Railway Station is the final destination for those coming by train from Europe. Sirkeci Railway Station is in the town centre, which is quite crowded. The best method to arrive at the university is getting on a taxi from here. The taxi will cost approx. Euro15. Communication with the taxi driver will be much easier if you write down the address and hand it to him


First you need to get Residence Permit. Documents required for Residence Permit;

  • Petition. http://www.yabancilar.iem.gov.tr/dilekce.htm
  • 5 passport photos
  • Copy of the Passport(Pasport pages with your photo and with stamp which show your most recent arrival date)
  • 1 Residency Declaration Form(To be filled by atypewriter or a computer)
  • Student document issued by the University confirming the period of education
  • Document indicating Erasmus funding


You can use our University's Dormitory. First you should fill the Dormitory Application Form below and send it to YTÜ's EU Office. http://www.eu.yildiz.edu.tr/doc/incoming/Application_Yurt.doc

Renting a Flat

You can rent a house near to the school.There are many economic options for those who wants to rent a house. If you have a little Turkish you can also find housemates through the links below which are used by about all of the student of YTÜ. http://www.a305teyim.com/ http://yildizz.com/



If you are in Yildiz Campus or Davutpaşa Campuse, you can easily find Mediko-Sosyal health units which belongs to Yildiz Technical University SKS (In English : Health-Culture-Sports Department) Working hours :09.00am-5.00pm and it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. If you are a student of Yildiz Technical University,you can use Mediko-Sosyal for free,only thing that you have to do give your Student ID Card to information office.Mediko-Sosyal's phone number is 2123832291.


You can find the application forms through http://www.eu.yildiz.edu.tr/doc/incoming/Application_incoming.doc and www.eu.yildiz.edu.tr/doc/incoming/learning_incoming.doc

Your acceptence forms should be sent to you by the Department Coordinator at YTU as soon as possible. You can check the arrival date of the Acceptence Letter through http://www.eu.yildiz.edu.tr/doc/incoming/acceptence_incoming.doc

Documents Required for Registretion

  • The original copy of your student identity document (Approved by your own University)
  • A copy of your passport
  • Health insurance

For the Documents to be Collected at the end of the Erasmus Programme you can click the links below; http://www.eu.tildiz.edu.tr/doc/incoming/recordoftranscript.doc http://www.eu.tildiz.edu.tr/doc/incoming(Katilimsertifikası_incoming.doc

Living Costs

Some flats near to the Yildiz Technical University-Yildiz Campus is in Beşiktaş. Flat rents are nearly 400-500€ around Beşiktaş for 2+1 flats. The other close to the school neighborhood is Mecidiyekoy. In this place, rents are around 350-400€. You can rent a flat in 4.Levent. Transportation to school is easy from there. In 4.Levent, rents are around 400-450€ for 2+1 houses. If you want to be near Davutpaşa Campus of YTÜ, you can rent o flat in Bakırköy. Rents are around 400-450€ too this place. If you can rent a furnished house. Maybe increase rents by 20% at this time.

About bills, in winter, there are min 150€ per month cost. In summer arount 87,5€ Examine: fuel cost is 75€, water+electricity bill is 35€, flat fee is 12,5€, internet cost is 25€. These are minimum values.

Shopping coast per mounth is around 150€. Marketing cost is 75€. Cost of other needs is 75€.


Inside the campus you have alternatives for meal. There are total 12 cafeterias in two campuses and every campus has a refectory which serves table d’hote two times in a day. At cafeterias you can find toast, hamburger, pizza, soft drinks etc. You should pay over 5 TL ~ 3 Euros for a average meal including drink. The cheapest alternative is table d’hote inside the campus and it costs 2TL ~ 1 Euro. And also there are many alternatives in Beşiktaş. (KFC, Burger King, Mc Donald’s etc.)

Working Hours

Goverment Offices 8.30am-12.30pm;1.30pm-5.30pm Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Banks 8.30am-12.00pm;1.30pm-5.00pm Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar 8.00am-7.00pm Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays

Shoping Malls 10.00am-10.00pm

Museums 9.00am-5.00pm Most of them are closed on Mondays

Pharmacies 9.00am-7.00pm Closed on Sundays and holidays


It is standard; 220 Volts and 50 Hz all over Turkey. Plugs suitable to Turkish standards have two round prongs.

Postal Services

You can easily find post offices ; all post offices bear the distinctive yellow PTT sign (Post,Telephone,Telegrams) Central offices are open from 8.00am-12.00pm. Mailing international postcards from Turkey is 0.80 TL. Prices for letters depend on size or weight; the starting fee is 0.85 TL. You can find more information here : www.ptt.gov.tr

Bank Account

Besiktas ferry landing

Your school identity card has a specification of using as a bank card. When you get the id card of our university you will have your own bank account. You can also use it as a bank card. In addition to this you can use your own usual bank card easily. We have 2 (same bank's) atms in Yildiz Campus and 3 atms (from 2 different banks) in Davutpaşa Campus.

Communication (Phone)

All cities are linked by an efficient direct dialing system. Public phones operate by magnetic cards, credit cards or smart cards. Cards are sold by Türk Telekom dealers. TT cards are calling cards that you can use from any phone.

The international country code for Turkey is +90. All over Turkey, phone numbers consist of two sections : area codes (3 digits) and the number (7 digits) For Istanbul Asian Area Code is 216, European Area Code is 212. For more information you can check following link : [www.turktelekom.com.tr]

There are three GSM Operators in Turkey. When you come, you can easily buy a sim card from one of these.

Turkcell 444 0532 www.turkcell.com.tr/en

Avea 444 1500 www.avea.com.tr

Vodafone 444 0542 www.vodafone.com.tr

Transportation (Public & Special)

If you want to use public transportation, you have two choices. First one is, to buy a one-time-use tickets of five-time-use tickets. You need to get them before you board. Your second choise is to buy a Akbil-Smart Ticket. The Akbil method is widely used on Istanbul's public transportation. For timetables and other informations, you can always check following link : [www.istanbul-ulasim.com.tr]

If you want to use special transportation, you can use taxi. Taxis are numerous all over the city and are recognizable by their yellow or and lighted "TAKSİ" signs on top. Each taxi is metered and fees are per cab. The starting fee is 2.50 TL.


If you are in the Yildiz Technical University Besiktas Campus, shopping certainly not be a problem. Besiktas is the most central place of Istanbul, so you can find everything you're looking for. If you are looking for clothes, accessories, shoes, bags ... you can go to the Besiktas Big Bazaar. For to buy books and electronic instrument can go to the Center of Besiktas is 5 minutes away from the campus. If a little knowledge about Istanbul, you may have heard that Nisantasi of the fashion center. You can go to Nisantasi on foot in 20 minutes. And there are lots of shops for every necessities. Out of the campus,across the road there are Neighborhood Yıldız. Here is the residential area so there are some markets, grocerys, pharmacys and other shops. There is everything that you need here. And of course you can do shopping at small shops in campus. These are about the food and the book, but these are small shops.

About Campus of Davutpasa, there are stationery and canteen in the campus. You can find the buffet around campus. There are metro station in front of the campus. After the three station, you can go to the Forum Istanbul. Forum Istanbul is the largest shopping center in Istanbul. All your needs can be obtained easily in there. The metro transport cost is 1.75 TL.( around € 0,9 ) You can also go to another shopping center with metro lines easily.

Student Activities

Student Organisations

IEM Organisations

Quality and Productivity Club (YTU KVK)

Yildiz Technical University Quality and Productivity Club (Kalite ve Verimlilik Kulübü,KVK) was founded in 18th January 2000. The aim is support its members in academic and personal ways,get across between other student associations, to get people who are from bussiness world together with its members. The mission is to be a central of quality. KVK organises around five events in every month which includes seminars,concerts,travel to companies,colloguys,workshops,training programs and is publishing a magazine which is called "Qualitas" in every six monts. If you want to find more information about Quality and Productivity Club, please check following link : www.ytukvk.org.tr

Qualitas Magazine

Qualitas is the newest project in KVK. This maagazine includes last news in bussines and students lifes. It is publishing in every six month. You can cantact with publisher by using this link:http://tr-tr.facebook.com/people/Qualitas-Dergi/100002138442761

Logistics Training Camp

Logistics Training Camp is a training program which includes seminars,case-studies and social activities that helps participants to get information and improve their existing knowledge about logistics sector,which is considered to be the most developing sector for our time and it is expected to be the most promising sector in the future.Logistics Training Camp is organising ever year in December with 1150 participants include academicians,employees,journalist,students and graduates from all around the world who are intrested in logistics.For Europe, LTC gives participants from ESTIEM [3] ,BEST[4] and AEGEE [5] .

Quality Days (KG)

Quality Days is the oldest event in KVK. Quality Days is organised by KVK in every third week in March. It includes seminars and group trainings. It provides you develop yourselves in academic and social ways. Quality Days support its participants job and internship opportunities at its fair area.


SEP is a seminar series program which belongs to Yildiz Campus and Davutpaşa Campus. The aim is this project to improve our knowledge about IEM and to relax with enjoyable events.In every month min. five events are orginised by SEP not only in Yildiz Campus but also in Davutpaşa Campus too.

Social Responsibility Project

The aim of this project to create a public opinion inside of students about social and environmental problems, to help people who need it and to make better Yildiz Technical University in environmental way. For these aims it orginises charity concerts, social responsibility festivals, campaign for library,elemantary schools etc.


KAHİN is organised by KVK in every March in Davutpaşa Campus for people who intrested in building sector. KAHİN takes time three days, first two days for seminars and last day for to travel to a building land.


KARKİM is organised by KVK in every December in Davutpaşa Campus for people who intrested in chemical sector. KARKİM takes three days,first two days for seminars and last day to travel to a factory.

Travel to Companies

These project provides to its participants to support visual information and make them more effective.


LG Istanbul-Yildiz became a full-membership at 2001 and works a part of Quality and Productivity Club(KVK). ESTIEM activities conducted by Local Responsible,Local Activity Responsible and TIMES Local Qualifications Responsible with 220 members,32 whom are active. Every new member of LG Istanbul-Yildiz has its mentor who helps get to know ESTIEM. In every week a general ESTIEM LG Istanbul-Yildiz meeting is orginised by Local Responsible. You can participate ESTIEM events which local ones like parties,games and the central ones that hosted by KVK.


EMT (In Turkish) is the Union of Industrial Engineering Association,the aiming to effective communication between IEM students all over Turkey and to share existing knowledge. EMT is consist of thirteen universities' industrial engineering clubs including YTU KVK. Students who work active in this union are meeting three times per-year and conduct committees and projects including called VAY(study case compatition),some seminars series and presentation about IEM education,its social and business life to high-school students in local areas' high-schools for making students conscious of IEM.

Other International Organisations in YTU



Weather Conditions

Istanbul is a city with temperate climate. Therefore, temperatures are usually 5-15 degrees Celsius in winter, 15-25 degrees Celsius in the spring. Average of once a week, it rains. Davutpasa Campus colder than Besiktas Campus usually.

Time Zone

Local Time is equal to GMT+2 hours all over Turkey.

Emergency and Useful Phone Numbers

Fire:110 Ambulance:112 Police:155 Traffic Police:154 Coastguard:158 Istanbul Directory:11880 Wake-up Calls:135

Tourist Information Offices

Atatürk Airport 212-4653151

Sultanahmet-Hippodrome 212-5181802

Port of Istanbul Karaköy 212-2490592

Harbiye Hilton Hotel Entrance 212-2330592

Sirkeci Railway Station 212-5115888


Study Information

If you look for more information about lessons teachers or contacts you can follow the link below


Contact Information of Industrial Engineering of Erasmus Programme

Assitant Yavuz Özdemir +902123832923 ozdemiry@yildiz.edu.tr

Practical Information

ESTIEM Local Group Istanbul-Yildiz will be pleased to help you with practical information. Send an e-mail to LR_Istanbul-Yildiz@estiem.org


If there are errors, broken links, or missing information in this article, please send a mail to studentguide@estiem.org. We appreciate your help.

Useful Links

For Institutional Information you can use http://www.yildiz.edu.tr/en/file/ytu-pdf.swf For Erasmus Information you can use http://www.yildiz.edu.tr/en/file/ytu-pdf_erasmus.swf For more Information about Istanbul http://www.yildiz.edu.tr/en/file/ytu-pdf_istanbul.swf You are in Europe at the same time you are in Asia too what is it? Finally It's Turkey. The bridge between Europe and Asia http://www.yildiz.edu.tr/en/file/ytu-pdf_turkey.swf