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Kick-ass Business Booster Kick-off


While I was travelling in the train to Zagreb I’ve been thinking if a first-year student could manage to “kick- off” in discussions and cooperation with a real business partner. Well, it turned out that all of us should believe in themselves a little bit more…

During four productive and hard-playing days in the beautiful capital of Croatia, a team of 15 people managed to generate some great ideas. We successfully tried to “boost” the business of the partners from RiskEraser and Awrkright and our skills and knowledge as well.

As young people we have a lot of great ideas but what we actually need to do is proving their efficiency. That is what we did during brainstorming sessions, teamwork and out-of-the-box acting and thinking. The benefits did not come late. Even in the end of the first day the both sides of the cooperation realized how useful it is.

“Entrepreneurship and business” are really often something scary for new ESTIEMers as me. But in the beginning they only require your open mind, kick-ass ideas and active participation. That came to my mind after working to improve and contribute to our partners’ product.  

That is why thanks to the professional experience of the RiskErasers’ team and our motivation a new way of partnership was established within ESTIEM. The Business Booster initiative has just started to kick-off and it promises to be even more successful in the short future.

The CoM, which followed after the event, intended to optimize Business Boosters’ structure and to try to make it really beneficial for the ESTIEMers. Some useful decisions have been made and a lot of new opportunities will be soon available for the active ones. At the approaching CM in Warsaw all of you can get informed about how to boost your ideas and skills.

So don’t miss the chance to take off for the nearest future kicking-off event and believe in yourself.

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