Elium is a knowledge sharing platform that serves as the digital headquarters of ESTIEM, a common space where the central entities work.


Elium in ESTIEM is built on 4 main values that are facilitated by the features of the platform:


    It is important to embrace transparency in order to achieve productivity, innovation and open feedback between the whole of ESTIEM.


    Elium encourages you to always share your work and it allows you to transform information into knowledge by creating engaging content.


    Elium allows adjusting its structure according to the needs of the users to create a dynamic working environment.


    Elium is a people-oriented platform, it allows you to interact and give input to others by commenting, liking and sharing stories.



Should I get an Elium account?

    Elium is a working platform for ESTIEMers active on the Central Level. If you are part of a Committee, Department or Project it is recommended to get an Elium account. It is also possible for you to get an account if you are interested and want to contribute to Central ESTIEM discussions.

How do I get started?

    On the bottom of this page, you can find a button that directs you to the sign-up form. One of the Elium administrators will then add you to the platform. When your account is created you will receive an email with the important information (please, write to elium@estiem.org if you didn’t receive an email in 1 week). After getting access to the platform, go to Elium Tutorials space in order to learn more about how to find your way around the platform or go to learn.elium.com.

Which resources are available on the platform?

    The purpose of Elium is to share and facilitate knowledge. It is also a workplace for the Central ESTIEM teams and it is possible to see what each team is working on. You can find all the resources that are relevant for active ESTIEMers on the Central level as well as linked files from Google Drive.

How do you want to make sure that the information is accessible for every ESTIEMer?

    Any person can request an Elium account, there are no restrictions. Elium only figures as a shell around our Google Drive and files on Google Drive are still accessible. In the ESTIEM Feed on Elium, you can find important updates about Central ESTIEM.

Can my account be deleted?

    The amount of accounts ESTIEM has on Elium is limited to 300, therefore, we value the activity of each user. In case you haven’t logged in or contributed for a long time your account will be removed. It is always possible to request the account again after it was deleted.


If you already have an account follow the link to access the platform.